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The free crash course from Alan McKay includes 18 hours of free training.

It focuses on going through a real film pipeline to create a visual effects "Reverse Gravity" shot. So basically light rays shooting down allover the city ripping downtown Los Angeles apart, creating all of the destruction and all of the layers and dynamics and simulations.
Also on top of the 18 hours of free training, you get the HD footage, camera tracked scene, as well as the building we destroy is modeled specifically for FX, so complete with interiors and everything ready to go for destruction. Also the HDRI, roto mattes and all the other assets we've built for the shot.
So needless to say this has taken months of work. 
The goal of this course is to simulate real production shots and have real production assets that you can work from so whether you're a senior artist looking to move into FX or an FX artist wanting to move more into a CG sup or VFX sup role (some of the training is focused on supervising on set) then this will heavily focus on creating complete shots through the entire process. 
The link is - https://www.allanmckay.com/challenge/
Which is a simple opt-in and then Alan will drip feed the videos over the next few days. 
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