Download IES Light Profile Collection

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This file contains approximately 58 thousand IES profiles gathered from around the web, named, in folders.

Get 58 thousand IES profiles. You can download IES Light Profile Collection from here. 

IES collection is compressed with 7zip if you don`t have it get it here:

Author: Internet Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: collection lights free ies
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rombout18:23:42  |  07-07-2016
hmmm... when i open the file there are 58, where is the 1000's
marche8319:21:41  |  07-07-2016
I did not find any download link... plus it says Donations are welcome but not necessary... but you cant get the link without a donation... looks fake!!!!
dr_After08:26:10  |  20-07-2016
marche83 - you can get the link and put in "donation" field "0" if you want.
ele_ka10:05:18  |  21-07-2016
58 thousand lights! omg! i have some (like a dozen) from my previous projects, but its really time consuming to browse through them searching the right one and searching among 58.000... now I prefer to create my own lights, its faster at least, like with real ies, for example...
kevinbear08:05:17  |  13-03-2020


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