AMD’s FireRender for 3DS Max 2016

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New, fast PBR-renderer for 3D Studio Max 2016 is out.

Meet FireRender, AMD’s fast, new, PBR-renderer for 3D Studio Max 2016- SP3. It’s free, and even though it’s still in beta, FireRender already has quite a few benefits to offer: Open Source, and created in collaboration with Corona’s RenderLegion, FireRender is the only OpenCL renderer on the market. This means that it’s hardware agnostic, and its performance is limited only by the power of the hardware – regardless of your setup’s platform or brand; If you can run OpenCL 1.2 or higher, you can run FireRender. It’s that simple.

FireRender is fully integrated into 3D Studio Max, meaning you can use Max’s existing maps, materials and lights; After switching to FireRender in Render Settings, all you’ll need to do is tweak your materials or lighting setup where needed. And you can work with anything from a simple shader node, to a complex setup. FireRender also comes with a library of beta material setups to get you started, and has PBR and caustics support, in addition to plugging right in to Max’ normal, emissive, and photometric lighting capabilities. If you’re on a laptop, that’s no problem either, as you can use AMD’s XConnect™ Technology to speed up your renders even more.

FireRender is an easy to use, physically accurate renderer you can use to render anything from nature to mecha to archviz.

Download a copy and see for yourself!

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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I have been testing FireRender for architectural visualization with a scene I´ve posted in: In general terms the plugin has seemed to me excellent, fast, robust and solid though in a development stage. If you are interested in the topic maybe you can give me some feedback there.


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