GeForce GTX 1080 tested with V-Ray

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Vladimir Koylazov from Chaos Group shows test results of the latest Geforce 1080 graphics card.

See the results of GTX 1080 running some scenes through it with V-Ray RT GPU. On average, it looks like the GTX 1080 is about as fast as a Titan X and about 25% faster than a GTX 980. For denoising however, using latest 3.40 release, the GTX 1080 is about twice as fast as the Titan X.

As Vladimir Koylazov writes: "Two big bonus points of the GTX 1080 are that it is a lot cheaper than a Titan X and uses less power."

Click on image to enlargegtx1080_performance.PNG

Performance of Geforce 980, titan X and the latest Geforce 1080 with Pascal architecture in V-Ray RT GPU. Check V-Ray license prices in Evermotion Shop.



Discuss the results on Vladimir Koylazov Google+ page.

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c916:16:04  |  14-06-2016
how about 3ds max viewport fps?
skipgainer22:32:14  |  21-06-2016
"how about 3ds max viewport fps?" this please!
cadmann13:33:28  |  22-07-2016
how about 3ds max viewport fps? Any comment Viewport are so important help us
MarkoARH16:29:30  |  06-09-2016
I find these results very peculiar. Vray still does not support GTX1080 ( be it the fault in the GP104 chip or the GDDR5x I do not know ). The rendered falls back to CPU in RT mode and does not allocate the graphics card at all. How did you manage to make it work ? Custom script or something ? Would mean alllot if you could help me out, have some customers that are very displeased with their system builds. Thanks in advance.


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