Mastering Vray - Lesson 1

Grant Warwick 2014-05-28 10:16 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > rendering

Optimizing V-Ray settings tutorial by Grant Warwick.

Mastering V-Ray 3.3 Sampling Update from Grant Warwick on Vimeo.


Scene Files:

Mastering Vray is an ongoing elite training course for professional CGI artists designed to be the most well thought out and production proven education for Vray to date. Grant Warwick is multi-award winning print stills artist with over 11 years of CGI Experience. He has reinvented production workflows at multiple world class retouching/cgi studios and have made sure absolutely everything taught is production proven. When you have completed the course you will have all the technical skills a high end stills artist requires without the mind numbing task of reading the manual 2000 times. You can purchase access to the full yearly subscription at


Author: Grant Warwick Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: vray visualization warwick sampling arch-vis
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Vizcatz07:47:23  |  04-06-2014
Hi Grant, Thank you for this tutorial. This is the first time I see a very informative video, regarding noise reduction in V-Ray, and even adding speed to rendertimes. Thanks for sharing. I will share this in my Google+ group "3D Max for beginners" because there also are some V-Ray interest in the group. Thanks again :-) Best regards Michael
sebs1702:37:04  |  05-06-2014
Hi Grant, i can't wait for the second video, it helps me for understand why the time of my renders are so unpredicteble.
theepr14:49:53  |  07-06-2014
so freaking intelligent tutorial! great
PeP20:05:31  |  07-06-2014
Man i love this tutorial!! Teach me so much! Amazing job, cant wait for the second video
Maxali16:27:10  |  18-06-2014
One of the best tutorials I have come across. You are the best in your field Mr Grant Warwick.


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