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Mike Johnson from Blur Studio describes the process of making surreal scene called "021114".

Hey everyone! My name is Mike Johnson and this is a quick making of my latest image "021114" Hope you enjoy!

Click on image to enlargefinal_nr.jpg

Final work


Click on image to enlargeLondon_Reference_nr.jpg

First things first reference! It's super important to gather reference before you start, luckly I was basing the environment off of a realistic building. So I gathered good clear images to work off.


Click on image to enlargeElement_A__nr.jpg

After I evaluate the reference images, I start to break down the scene into pieces and see what design elements recure throughout the scene.


Click on image to enlargeElement_B__nr.jpg

Sometimes environments may see really complex but if you break it down into pieces you realize it's not that difficult.


Click on image to enlargeElement_C_nr.jpg


Click on image to enlarge Element_D_nr.jpg


Click on image to enlargeElement_E_nr.jpg

Once I break down the elements I'll need, I start to model them. Using 3ds max for the base mesh and then sculpting details in Zbrush.


Click on image to enlargeAssembling__nr.jpg

After most of the design elements are modeled, I start to assemble them and start filling out the environment.


Click on image to enlargeLighting_nr.jpg

The lighting was pretty simple in this scene.. A couple of Vray plane lights cool colored coming from above with warm omni lights throughout the hallway.I like using complementary colors for lighting, I feel it gives a dynamic look.


Click on image to enlargeTexturing_A_nr.jpg

For texturing there was nothing special here.. couple of Brick textures and marble textures. The only thing I would note is if your using Vray renderer, take advantage of the VrayDirt map. It allows you to have contact grime and edge grime quickly. Rather than baking edge maps or occlusion maps then adding it on to your diffuse. Also the brick is using a VrayDisplacement mod.. I included the map above.


Click on image to enlargeCompositing_A__nr_copy.JPG

I used Eyeon Fusion for compositing. Step 1 : Just the raw beauty render, Step 2 the crystal pass is merged in the image, Step 3 adjusted the levels and contrast to make colors pop, used a zdepth to play with the values in the image and push the background further back. Step 4: tweaked the colors with the colorcurve tool, and added atmosphere. Step 5: added more fume up top to get even more atmosphere.


Click on image to enlargeCompositing_B__nr_copy.jpg

For the Crystal I used a Vraysss Shader for two of the three passes and one basic Vray Glass shader with a card of a human I painted in photoshop used with a opacity map and backlighting. Blending them carefully together is how I got the final result.


Thanks for reading! Hope you've found this helpful. If there's any questions I'll try to keep checking the site and answer them as soon as I can.

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Author: Mike Johnson Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: mike
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Averkin12:48:18  |  08-04-2014
Great "Making of" Mike! Such huge amount of details, such amazing lighting and post production process, well done my friend!
MikeJohnson19:40:59  |  08-04-2014
Thank you! Glad you liked it man. Your works is awesome!
fallout00:44:19  |  17-04-2014
Thanks for posting this. I really like how you created that mysterious fantasy atmosphere with lighting. Attention to detail is also amazing. btw can you share your zbrush material? It looks really sweet.
MikeJohnson21:55:40  |  22-04-2014
Thanks Fall out! The Zbrush material is located on the pixologic website. It's in metals : "AntiqueBronze_2"
anzyu21:58:13  |  27-04-2014
amazing work....Linear workflow?
MikeJohnson17:53:39  |  28-04-2014
Yes Linear :)


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