Post-production of 3d scene in Adobe Photoshop - Tip of the Week

Michal Horba 2014-01-30 09:19 tutorial  > Photoshop  > compositing

In this tutorial Michal Horba from Evermotion will guide you through post-production process in Adobe Photoshop.

You will learn how to use render elements to tweak your render.

You can watch this video in our You Tube Channel
Author: Michal Horba Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: render
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oskario2312:17:20  |  30-01-2014
I just have to say that Evermotion have the best people working for them :) It's a great pleasure to watch how they do cg stuff. Great job Michał, U really are talented person. Hope to see more post process tuts on Evermotion. Actually, I would like to see "Tip od the day" series as weel as Tip of the week :)) I always start my day with Your site. You guys have a great people in your studio. I definitely recomend that Evermotion team has to start their own learning courses in Poland. I think It would be a gold shoot, becouse there is no really advance course at the moment on the maket and You guys are awsome and have the knowlege to do such stuff right. Thanks a lot Michał once again !!!
mikeeho12:57:50  |  30-01-2014
thanks a lot oskario23 I am really glad u like my tutorial, and I it is good to hear there is some useful stuff in it. tell my boss;)cheers!
Hesham Elshipli19:10:12  |  07-02-2014
Great :)
djfilms01:18:48  |  20-02-2014
This is one of th emost helpful tutorials I've ever seen.
Journeymenarts23:28:51  |  24-02-2015
Great tutorial!!!! Will be watching this a few times again


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