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Making of Sewoon Office

Cheol-Min Kim 2013-09-25 12:58 tutorial  > Making of  > misc

Exterior visualization for Ewes (Korea) made by Cheol-Min Kim (D-Focus)

Thanks for V-Ray Workshop and Evermotion I can present you making of one of my works that was chosen as a V-Ray Workshop Top 5 in July 2013. This tutorial is not about a specific techniques, but rather about general workflow. I hope this tutorial can assist as many people as possible. As always - the trick is not to spend a lot of time to achieve the perfect result but to achieve best result in a short amount of time and maximize the efficiency.

This project was made for architectural firm - Ewes from Sounth Korea.

Cheol-Min Kim (D-Focus) Facebook page

D-Focus webpage

Click on image to enlarge 0001_900_027.jpg

Modeling was based on Sketchup and DWG file received from the client


Click on image to enlarge 0002_900_029.jpg

Glass material - to achieve depth I used a blending material with glass layer and I used a texture with images of interiors


Click on image to enlarge 0003_900_034.jpg

Road material


Click on image to enlarge 0004_900_002.jpg

Road textures


Click on image to enlarge 0005_900_035.jpg

Different materials from scene

Click on image to enlarge 0006_900_004.jpg

I used cars, railing and street lights form libraries

Click on image to enlarge 0007_900_005.jpg

I made trees with Onyxtree. I used Vray proxy to reduce the amount of memory

Click on image to enlarge 0008_900_036.jpg

I used Advanced Painter to place elements on the scene. The viewport is split to two parts  - the first is showing camera angle and the second is a perspective view for easy planting.

Click on image to enlarge 0009_900_007.jpg

All elements are in place (wireframe)

Click on image to enlarge 0010_900_037.jpg

Camera and VraySun settings

Click on image to enlarge 0011_900_030.jpg

Street lights settings - street lights were grouped with object and lights, so I could quickly turn lights on and off.

Click on image to enlarge 0012_900_031.jpg

Interior lights settings and wireframe with all the lights

Click on image to enlarge 0013_900_032.jpg

VRaySky and Gamma and LUT settings

Click on image to enlarge 0014_900_033.jpg

Render settings

Click on image to enlarge 0015_900_013.jpg

Rendered image

Click on image to enlarge 0016_900_014.jpg

I added a sky layer in Photoshop to set the overall tone of final work

Click on image to enlarge 0017_900_015.jpg

Applying subtle filter to warm-up thew mood


Click on image to enlarge 0018_900_016.jpg

To add a bit of realism to water I added an image of waves. I also drew manually a traffic line in Photoshop.

Click on image to enlarge 0019_900_017.jpg

I used render elements to emphasize specific parts of the image

Click on image to enlarge 0020_900_018.jpg

My render elements: VRayRawRefraction, VRayRawReflection and VRayRawLighting

Click on image to enlarge 0021_900_019.jpg

Additional re-touch of the glass facade

Click on image to enlarge 0022_900_020.jpg

Added some people

Click on image to enlarge 0023_900_021.jpg

A little more filtering

Click on image to enlarge 0024_900_022.jpg

Added vignette

Click on image to enlarge 0025_900_023.jpg

I enhanced atmosphere with lens flare and using Z-depth

Click on image to enlarge 0026_900_024.jpg

Z-depth channel and lens flare that were used in this scene

Click on image to enlarge 0027_900_025.jpg

Final color correction and sharpening



Click on image to enlarge 0028.jpg

And here is the final work!
Visit my pages:
Greetings! Cheol-Min Kim (D-Focus)
Author: Cheol-Min Kim Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: d-focus
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harchimax87 15:59:40  |  25-09-2013
amazing tut! very helpful! thank
josello 20:26:32  |  25-09-2013
Great Tutorial Bro!!!! Thanks!!
shadowltd 16:36:17  |  26-09-2013
love your work! always a great fan! Thanks for taking your time to make this tutorial ; )
unrinoceronte 19:25:17  |  26-09-2013
Thanks great Tutorial
errah 17:00:07  |  27-09-2013
woww......! thx.
21c_hook 07:15:24  |  03-10-2013
i love this making!!
iamrenderer 15:38:48  |  06-12-2013
The rendering i awesome but i am particularly amazed by the realism of the glass facades. You did a great job there. Can you share what software did you used for the creation of the glass textures?
iamrenderer 23:18:39  |  09-12-2013
Never mind. I found it is 3D Max's material editor.
ricardo matos 01:48:35  |  15-01-2014
l thing the best work here to me.
ricardo matos 01:53:12  |  15-01-2014
what's your email?
behroozsamadi 14:10:21  |  06-03-2014
very nice