TipOfTheWeek - 3D building modeling

Evermotion 2012-01-31 14:10 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > modeling

Learn how to create and texture a building in 3ds MAX.

Watch part two:
Watch part three:
Author: Evermotion Editor: Michal Franczak
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airmoss02:08:38  |  01-02-2012
how to add edge so quick?
d-rabbit11:39:24  |  01-02-2012
use the swiftloop (in the ribbon graphic modeling tools) for add quick edges
aluigi12:23:40  |  01-02-2012
vigan21:45:05  |  02-02-2012
Hi Andi, Thanks for the great tutorial. Can you just explain how do you create those lines around the windows so quick?? What command did you use. Thanks
BuSan Wang09:14:44  |  05-02-2012
Cool............. thx Pal
andrewschumacher23:12:48  |  27-02-2012
Edit Mesh did not isolate UV mapping from my editable poly. What did I miss?
Nina_ning04:29:15  |  09-12-2012
I have the same problem as comment below. How u copy it to 3 buildings but different types? What did i miss ? Pls answer. Thank you


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