George V Private Royal Suite

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Regarding modeling, there is nothing special in the creation of this image, all the techniques being used are standard, and are part of the software used, no plugin in particular, 3dsMax 2012 for all that architectural and furniture and Maya 2012 for all what is drapery.

Regarding the rendering I used the VRay render engine 2.0, I believe according to my experience that it is easy to manage and possibly its rendering quality is very satisfactory.

Regarding the final touches and effects I used Adobe After Effect CS5 for the DOF and the installation of lighting, of course the emphasis of some materials highlights such as gold leaf, finaly to use Photoshop CS5 for the final touch, a few basic corrections of the general atmosphere of the image.

Walid Layouni
Unofficial art Facebook page 3D Art
Author: Walid Layouni
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Emergency Designers08:03:31  |  09-11-2011
Great work and very informative. looking forward for some more of your work. keep it up.
qamar09:00:58  |  09-11-2011
very nice and it contain lot of informations Tanx.
djvillar20:35:29  |  09-11-2011
How do you model the ornaments on the bed? Can you do a tutorial on that?
Walid Layouni08:55:21  |  10-11-2011
@Djillar maby next time and next project i will make a special tutorial for modeling because this is allready converted, Thanks
scabiosa21:29:40  |  10-11-2011
Thank you Mr. Waleed It's very useful tutorial
afandi04:48:06  |  23-11-2011
wow, amazing, I like it, modeling turorial for the ornaments please..
nisoneji13:18:09  |  02-12-2011
wel every thing is explain but where is the vray camera info! :(
YiltoR12:02:44  |  07-12-2011
Wooooow ... Respect ... Thanks for sharing.
dongmx200804:22:31  |  21-12-2011
If you write a book,I wane your Signature god job
clarajames07:01:56  |  13-01-2012
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(v) design15:36:06  |  13-01-2012
Great work! I have question regarding the boolean operation as shown on 2nd screen: How did you do that? I would use Intersection instead of Subtraction (but the B operand should have non 0 depth!). However the outer outline shape would look wrong and geometry should be corrected manually (also using the paint/relax tool)- or is there some magic trick I'm missing?? Thanks
rzoreda02:55:31  |  27-01-2012
great work!! wich software do you ue for the bed cover??
Abeer201213:17:17  |  14-05-2012
Hello, good work ,I like it, thank you so much


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