ParticleFlow, TreeProxies

Anselm von Seherr 2010-03-22 10:25 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > particles

ParticleFlow, TreeProxies by Anselm von Seherr


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Author: Anselm von Seherr
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Walrus19:19:02  |  23-03-2010
Why are you talink' so fast? I've got anxiety watching this tut...
Bordy8319:37:42  |  23-03-2010
PolYGonnErr11:19:39  |  24-03-2010
really really really great thx man
PolYGonnErr12:41:25  |  24-03-2010
sry may be i am blind :) but i cant find the script
PsychoSilence18:55:50  |  24-03-2010
Thanks alot! I appreciate every comment and critique :) I checked the ZIP file from the download link and the Max Script is in included. Maybe recheck your file, PolYGonnErr. I hope it was still watchable, Walrus :) The next tutorial is coming out Monday 02/29/2010 and will cover "PFlow for Packshots"
west Denis15:11:16  |  30-03-2010
I cant find the script too ...... why ......
le1setreter14:27:36  |  07-04-2010
fetten dank, anselm. nice tutorial and a neat script. took me a few minutes to realise i had to disable the "original" (bounding)box instances/pflow event on rendering.
niewiemniewiem02:10:06  |  10-05-2010
Great tutorial! Found it very helpful :) Cheers!
anca_steven13:55:44  |  26-05-2010
Hello! I exported the script "Foliage02.vrmesh", but appears me something strange when I open the script and how to pick the tree to PF Source? Cos I pressed Evaluate All and nothing happened. This part I didn't understand. I took a tree from Foliage. Please, someone who understood this to explain me, please.
anca_steven14:11:42  |  26-05-2010
Oh, I resolved the problem. I did a mistake inside so I watched again at tutorial. Thank you very much! Very usefull for me at least.
Nonserial12:19:05  |  27-10-2010
Hi Anselm, i'm having a little Problem going through this tutorial because everytime i click the <reset-x-form>-button my Max crashes and tells me "Memory Error Occured" Im running on DualCore CPU @ 2,66 GHz and 2GB RAM Sam happens if i just try to attach the 3 Sample Meshes together. First one will be attached but if i click "Attach" to the second Mesh, same Memory Error. Am i missing any tiny little Button or setting inside Max (2011) or what can be the Problem?
Nonserial12:42:57  |  27-10-2010
is it maybe just the Tree thats too big for my System? I tried what Anca did with an Foliage Tree and this one works pretty well. mhmmm Any Suggestions? Btw Thanks for this great Tutorial. Really useful and well explained.
neilpangilinan10:33:43  |  08-06-2011
Hi, I am just wondering why would there be a need for such script to place the tree in places of particles while in particale flow, you can directly change the instanced object (box) with the vray proxy and you can still display it as a box for a faster performance........ Is there any magic behind that script??
baara11011:41:00  |  05-11-2011
hi Anselm, i have a problem whit the position of the tree after i run the script it position on the same place how the original proxy -tree and the boundingbox is right position ?! can you help me


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