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Modeling and rendering tutorial

Alfa Smyrna 2010-03-08 15:41 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > rendering

Modeling and rendering tutorial by Alfa Smyrna


Hi, Thanks for Evermotion team for this great site and Thank you to all who gave me feedback and encouragement. I will try to tell you my Making Of Story for my Bedroom Concept. I hope you find my tutorial useful.

1. Concept and Workflow

I believe that making sketches is a vital step in designing architecture or objects ; as well as for designing the images. For this bedroom, I took a slightly different workflow. I can call it "sketching in 3d" First, I had vision of this bedroom on my mind. I was imagining the sun falling down into the room, I was imagining about the wallpaper and bed. All of this formed a strong and clear vision and I found myself choosing chairs for my virtual bedroom, and designing some of the furniture myself. After making few basic sketches of furniture I design, I started building/modelling the room. Sketching in 3d, provided a lot of space and time for me to concentrate on forms, surfaces, materials. As I was modelling each element, at the same time I was thinking of each element as a part of the whole, and concentrating on the whole design.


Most of the models of basic poly-modelling as you see in the images. Poly-modelling is a strong tool which I am learning myself as well. I will not discuss the basic poly-modelling techniques inside this Making Of Story as there are many tutorials about this.

Modelling the Bedcover :

I used Max Cloth Simulator for creating the bedcover and other cloths except the pillows. Pillows are created with Simcloth plug-in, just for experimenting. Both plug-ins give great results. The idea and workflow is similar so you can carry out the same process with any of them. First start with a plane with adequate segments and apply cloth modifier to this plane.

Go to Object properties and assign this object to behave as cloth during simulation. Add all the rest of the elements that are part of the simulation and assign them to be collision objects. Here in my example, bed sheet, frames, bed feet and even floor is assingned to be collision object as I didn't exactly know how cloth will fall. You can see all the settings in the images below.

Now all you need to do is press "simulate" button and wait for the bedcover to fall.You don't even need to animate the cover because it will fall down automatically due to the gravity. I saved the simulation as a video to give you an idea.


3. Pre-Lighting

Before starting texturing work, I always try to make up a basic light setting to test my shaders and to see how my textures look. I find the daylight setting best for my purpose. I usually make a "final lighting" stage after I put my shaders and textures. For this project, "final lighting" was not necessary as I always imagined this bedroom in a bright sunny late morning. Some little tweaks was enough at the final lighting stage. I use Vray for my rendering and I love it so much. So for my daylight, I used the VraySun-VraySky and the VrayCamera. When you add a VraySun in your scene, VraySky is automatically replaces the Max Environment map and they are linked to each other so setting up my lighting was very easy. Here are the settings and wireframe image:


4. Texturing

When basic daylight was set, I moved onto the texturing step. I downloaded many textures from www.cgtextures.com. This is a great site with many nice free textures. I find it very useful. 90% of the objects have a basic UVW Mapping, standard planar maps, box maps or cylindrical maps. The round top element of the Fur Chair has an unwrap modifier. I used spline mapping to adjust the UV coordinates of this part. It is very easy and basic. After you create the spline to follow, you will pick it up from the rollout. You can see my settings and you can see the spline. (in white)

Below is one of the wood materials and its component maps. It is a basic shader- only some tweaking and testing is needed. The rest of the materials inside scene are on the same basis.


Creating the Wallpaper Texture

First make your own custom brush. Draw circles with a brush tool. You can play with different settings of the brush to create the exact circle you have on your mind.

You can see the rest of the process in steps in the image below. After I choosed my base color, I created a pattern on top of this diffuse color out of gradient texture to give a touch sense in the 3rd dimension on the wallpaper texture. Color Correct: Then I had some color correction on this texture. It was a subtle change but I am very picky about my colors so this change was significant for me. You can make color correction with Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer or Color Balance Adjustment Layer or Curves Correction. Hint: It is essential to use adjustment layers (and fun) because you can easily change things without harming the original image and can always revert back or change more. Variance: What I had in mind was combination of a vintage base with a more pure and stylised pattern on top. I wanted to create some variance on my texture. You can easily make this by brushing in different blend modes (usually in black or white in different opacity). Another way to make this is to use dodge and burn. Hint: I try to work everything on seperate layers so I can adjust the opacity individually. Moreover it is fun to experiment with different blend modes. So I made the new strokes on a seperate layer. Circles: I changed my brush to the brush I have previously created. I adjusted the flow and scattering and scale to have varying rhytms of circles. Then I freely brushed on my canvas the circles. This was the most fun part because circles interact and form very nice flows and you can feel it under your hand. Again, if you work on a seperate layer, you can manipulate this layer with more control. Moreover, having the circles on a seperate layer, will make it easier for you to make the final color correction.


5. Effects

DOF Using Vraycamera also gave me chance to experiment and get familiar with VrayDOF. In future works, I want to experiment with DOF in post-production but for this project I wanted to stick to VrayDOF which is just a setting of VrayCamera. So it is easy to setup with one click, but it is important to remember that it will increase your render times. After making few basic tests,I kept this parameter off until the final renders.

Hair and Fur After I modeled the chair, first, from the modifiers panel, I added Hair and Fur Modifier, which is under World Space Modifiers. You can see the parameters I used in the image below.

The fur will not look like as you see in the image at first hand because we have to "style" it. This step makes fur look realistic because we comb the the fur as we like with a brush. When we click on the "Style Hair" Button, you will see the hair guides. We will shape these guides with our brush and our fur strands will follow.

First start with adjusting the size of your brush. You can select hair guides individually or in groups. The selection menu is very detailed. Hint: At first, I selected all guides and tried to give the general look I wanted. (I will explain how to brush and style in the next part) As the second step, I selected guides in groups and continued brushing. For fine-tuning, you can even select edges or roots of hair or single vertex like in sub-object mode.

Under Style Roll-out, there are many tools as you see in the image. We will use some of them to brush our fur. Here I paste some definitions of these terms from 3dsMaxHelp File:

  • Hair Cut - Lets you trim the guide hairs. To cut hair.
  • Translate - Moves selected vertices in the direction that you drag the mouse.
  • Stand - Pushes selected guides toward a perpendicular orientation to the surface
  • Rotate - Rotate or swirls guide hair vertices around the cursor location (at the center of the brush).
  • Attenuate Length - Scales selected guides according to the surface area of underlying polygons.
  • Recomb - Makes a guide parallel to the surface, using the guide's current direction as a hint.
  • Clump - Forces selected guides to move towards each other (drag mouse leftward) or farther apart (drag mouse rightward).

Now you start styling, cut it where you need. As you brush, you will see that fur changes shape. You can move the strands in any direction you want, rotate them individually or in groups, clump them so they can move towards like a bunch. You can shape up your fur according to your imagination. Hint: It is easier to understand when trying to make it. Here, it sounds more complicated than it is. Start brushing and play with tools and you will see you get nice results. Here is the result after I styled it:

Don't forget to turn on the Hair-Fur effect from Effects rollout. You can disable this to save RAM when the fur object is not in the visible POV.


6. Final Lighting

My target was a sunny look for my Bedroom. I didn't need to re-design lighting but only tweaking exact position of sun and how it falls into my room for fine-tuning and tweaking few camera shutter-speed settings. So there is not much to tell or show for this stage but I wanted to include it to give idea of my workflow.

7. Rendering

I rendered the scene with Vray which I like very much. Here are the render settings:

It is hard to tell about rendering times because I usually left each render when I go to sleep and found it ready when I wake up. During this project, the hard disk containing this project gave me big problems because of a bad sector. Luckily I was able to finish the renders and the project without a file loss :)

8. Post-Production

There is not heavy post-production. Only little color correction and adjusting contrast. I also added some glow. I tried to paint the glow by hand by adjusting with levels and blurring the layers. Check this thread on Evermotion.org forum. My Bedroom Design

Author: Alfa Smyrna
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21:28:07  |  09-03-2010
Hi Alfa, Thanks for the tutorial!! I have a quick question about the wallpaper texture. How did you create a gradient texture? It seems like a great tool to create randomized patterns. Cheers!
Memfox 23:09:50  |  09-03-2010
Thannnx for share your Knowledge... just cant see cam settings cheers
yousefrace 01:07:46  |  10-03-2010
thank u very much i like your very much
hangar79 01:29:19  |  10-03-2010
Hey master of Light )!!!!! Thank you so much for this precious share... This is still my best light ever seen before.. i hope you success. Med, Tunisia.
mutkakokudka 09:07:44  |  10-03-2010
Wow hanks a lot for this useful tutorial!!! I wanted to know if your used vray cam's DOF or it was some plugin? Thank you
mohitarnold 10:22:57  |  10-03-2010
great work.... cheerss... mohitarnold@gmail.com
nowaytosay 16:22:26  |  10-03-2010
thank you very much! it's so great!
norad 16:23:25  |  10-03-2010
Really nice job. I really like your wood, and the hairy chair as well. What about your color mapping then, could we have some details? Thanks.
Amner Barreto Rodriguez 17:17:44  |  10-03-2010
netmanto 10:10:12  |  11-03-2010
can you post your color mapping and environment settings? i usually have an hard time in setting it correctly...
12:48:15  |  11-03-2010
i try cloth modifier but i don't know how there must be problem could you explain for beginner like more detaily
VaneID 18:15:59  |  11-03-2010
EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing it!
amitkhanna 03:34:05  |  12-03-2010
Simple techniques and a Great job.. Thanks for sharing your methods. Can you also please explain about the curtain shader like how did you get the translucent look which seems to be transmitting light through it ?
50loop 21:50:01  |  18-03-2010
Thank you a lot for the wonderful job
smihelen 07:39:13  |  23-03-2010
Hi! Thank you very much for your tutorial, it`s a very good job, fantastic!
onzki 11:57:14  |  23-03-2010
Excellent work! Thank you for sharing, this is very inspiring.
anil_22_007 10:57:10  |  24-03-2010
hi thanks for ur tutorial sir can u pls give me material details, that edit part thanks
Aceguy2001 12:31:50  |  29-03-2010
EXCELLENT, please tell me how u created the net curtain material, its great.....
svibes 01:26:22  |  02-04-2010
excellent! can you give me modeling files?
svibes 01:28:11  |  02-04-2010
my email adress is s_nice_s@naver.com Thankyou
newzen 10:04:07  |  23-06-2010
excellent! can you give me modeling files? e:mail:zishatown@qq.com
mr.Palkin 05:40:26  |  25-06-2010
it looks realy amazing, like a photo. Most of all i like texture of wood. When i saw it i began to feel the smell of fresh pine planks))But i've got some questions about tutorial. How did you do the floor!?and you didn't show your color mapping. Thanks a lot. 100 points from 10
mr.Palkin 15:10:11  |  25-06-2010
you can write me on nety@inbox.ru Thank you
tantmeux 07:00:57  |  27-06-2010
greet work!!how i wish i can do the same..i am new with this..can you pls email me your 3d files for 3ds max ?(tantmeux@yahoo.com)..thanx a lot..
quironeliza 17:28:27  |  05-07-2010
Hi, this is one of the most reallistic work that I ever seen. I hope you can share your 3d file with me, so I try to do the same. Thank you (draghignazho@hotmail.com)
tatodth 19:54:57  |  08-07-2010
I love this work ! its amazing ! the lightning, the cameras, textrues, the wallpaper, the chair, everything ! wich 3ds studio max did u use ? 2010 with vray 1.50 SP4 ?
tatodth 19:56:02  |  08-07-2010
would you be so kind to send me the 3d file...so i can try do the same ? its really awesome, again ! thanks ! tato-dth@hotmail.com
redred 08:13:42  |  12-07-2010
perfect work!!! :) can you send me scene file, please... i want to know more about this work. thank you very much (e-mail: reddot005@gmail.com)
Kermitoflon 12:08:31  |  22-07-2010
Amazing!! can you send me scene file too? Please... joanna_dd@o2.pl
Squall777 13:00:37  |  25-07-2010
I would like to try to disassemble your settings that would at least an inch closer to your skill! You are a genius! Please elenion_star@mail.ru
viettung 17:08:16  |  25-07-2010
i like it ^_^ can you send me scene file ? viet_danem@yahoo.com Thank you!
kaboomek 14:02:04  |  04-08-2010
amazing, perfect tutorial and perfect work! it's one of the most realistic rendering that i ever seen!! i hope is no problem to send me scene file too?? Please :) kasia.szeszula@gmail.com
nikichi 12:42:28  |  05-08-2010
thax for your tutorial, can u give me file 3dmax plz shinrio_nikichi@yahoo.com thax very much
nikichi 12:43:50  |  05-08-2010
sorry my mail : shinriko_nikichi@yahoo.com
boonteck 10:34:47  |  10-08-2010
Great tutorial! Can you please send me the scene file - boonteck_75@yahoo.com Thanks!!
khongtamthai 03:52:56  |  11-08-2010
Yeah great, please share your file... thongarc99@yahoo.com, thanks you very much!
karol 13:55:28  |  12-08-2010
Hi, Great work and tutorial. If You could share the file, I'd also be interested. Thanks! - kiel.basa@o2.pl
joto 14:47:05  |  17-08-2010
Thanks guy, great work! would be happy about the file, please share: meyssam@gmx.de
behroozvray 12:21:42  |  20-08-2010
hi alfa this is perfect render and light setting , plaese send file to me thank you. behrooz.rastegarmanesh.c@gmail.com
Hamadnk 17:24:16  |  22-08-2010
wow, I LOVE it, the exposure, amount of lighting, the angles and just about everything. I will be looking forward to see your latest work!
haizjh 10:36:23  |  16-09-2010
HI 老师,你是我学习的目标~ 希望你能共享一下 UPW456@126.com 谢谢~!
ninaselan 17:58:36  |  16-09-2010
perfect lighting can you send me the file. thanks vidonja@hotmail.com
_A_lisa 18:34:46  |  16-09-2010
Amazing tutorial ! Please send scene file to me (Beatthemeat@mail.ru)
punkq21 16:18:32  |  27-09-2010
i like it ^_^ can you send me scene file ? punkq21@yahoo.com Thank you!
farwy5 13:10:02  |  28-09-2010
Hello! Can you send me the scene please? labodop@yandex.ru Thanks so much!
parusidhakk 08:27:47  |  30-09-2010
good... can u send this file ,sidhaksidha@gmail.com
lancerdoom 18:43:06  |  30-09-2010
hi. can you send me the file because i want to study its lighting and texturing features , shahzad9242@gmail.com
dariuszstaciwa 21:09:32  |  02-10-2010
Hi! Amazing tut...Can you send me the scene please? dariusz.staciwa@gmail.com Thanks a lot!
liuyuezhang 04:26:15  |  03-10-2010
good... can u send this file thanks,liuyuezhang18@163.com
babicao 16:41:36  |  03-10-2010
Oh my God!!! This is so amazing!!! I love your work!! Can you please share this 3d file with me? I would love to practice on your scene( denisatudorica@yahoo.com) i would be very grateful. Thank you!
ransar 14:16:29  |  05-10-2010
pashatag 10:17:06  |  15-10-2010
Nice work!!!Would you share the scene with me? anelistar@gmail.com
Daniele 02:15:40  |  17-10-2010
excellent..it's late for share models? ziloni@libero.it ...anyway 10 stars for your tutorials...i love your mood
kulek32 13:58:04  |  17-10-2010
Great tutorial ! Please send scene file to me (kulek32@o2.pl) thanks!:)
SHAKES786 09:17:36  |  18-10-2010
hi fantastic use of materials and lighting...forward scene plzzzzzz.....modarchstudio@gmail.com....thanx
Daniele 09:42:13  |  21-10-2010
you can add materials settings?
Nash23 12:13:30  |  08-11-2010
Great tutorial, please share your file... vizual78@gmail.com I hope not too late, thanks
sapeck71 13:44:52  |  12-11-2010
Good job!! Very fantastic use of materials and lighting thank you.
dan3dnghiepdu 18:28:55  |  12-11-2010
very good
rock 10:22:03  |  13-11-2010
Beautiful render and tutorial. If possible, please send the file to rockus_123@yahoo.com. Thanks.
brianama 10:57:02  |  15-11-2010
Wonderful work. Clean and realistc. Please Coul you share the scene file to diego.amadei@gmail.com ? Thanks, bye!
runelore 12:12:06  |  17-11-2010
Hi, Amazing tutorial, is there any chance I could get the scene files so that I could take a closer look (mo.akhtar@sovibrant.co.uk). The chance to learn from a scene such as this is a rarity ! Many thanks... mo.akhtar@sovibrant.co.uk
dwipa 09:03:55  |  19-11-2010
Great Tutorial.. love it. God Bless
behroozvray 21:11:51  |  20-11-2010
hi alfa , this is very nice rendering and lighting , please send scene to me please (behrooz.rastegarmanesh.c@gmail.com) thanks
ezrin mn 07:23:04  |  24-11-2010
hi alfa..can you send me the scene too..i want to explore your lighting setting..
ezrin mn 07:32:22  |  24-11-2010
this my email. ezrinnazan@gmail.com
Cancer0w0 16:53:44  |  24-11-2010
your works is really good!! I am a new learner of v ray, can you send me the 3ds max file to me? My E-mail is cancer0w0@gmail.com . thank you!!!
atleast86 09:11:56  |  26-11-2010
hey hi, saw ur 3d & it's so prefect. Can u please send me ur 3d file above as i can explore how u draw.. thanks..
quynhoanh 15:25:29  |  28-11-2010
can you send me scene file, please. yahoo: girlovemusic_89@yahoo.com thansk
mari_da 16:15:44  |  02-12-2010
Great work, amazing! Please send me the file to explore it a bit more kapri_m@yahoo.co.uk, thanks
Andy Wang 07:42:11  |  03-12-2010
WOW, Can you sent me your file? please. namtu@hotmail.com
Daniele 17:58:02  |  11-12-2010
could you add materials settings....thank in advance...
witia111 20:10:08  |  15-12-2010
Hi, Great work and tutorial. If You could share the file, I'd also be interested. Thanks! witia111@gmail.com
noor_arch 20:42:13  |  17-12-2010
great work thanks!! could you send me the file noor_thebigboss@hotmail.com
karol_c 16:05:24  |  21-12-2010
great great great! Can I also get the scene? charlie.charles@o2.pl
kirlqta 01:36:04  |  27-12-2010
Great work, can you mail me the scene, will be very gratefull akakiro@gmail.com
tonyart 20:49:11  |  02-01-2011
Great work, can you mail me the max scene please. antoniart@abv.bg
uzware 21:59:05  |  05-01-2011
Great tutorial..can you send me the scene too please.....uzware@gmail.com
xtajman 19:04:08  |  07-01-2011
Nice Tutorial please is it possible to get scene files ?? if yes (xtajman@yahoo.com) Thank you
@-r 10:12:10  |  11-01-2011
wow so nice sir, can ask scene for this file because i really struggle how set up the color mapping. archmanlapao@yahoo.com.ph. please..i want to make like this result. thanks
tengchunxu 09:47:59  |  12-01-2011
sultanekrem 11:18:23  |  12-01-2011
hi! perfect tutorial (tekremciplak@gmail.com)
K_E_S 13:28:17  |  13-01-2011
It`s great! Excuse me, can you send me the scene, please? I want to explore all settings in scene. Thank you ( k_e_s@inbox.ru or svolo444@gmail.com )
wafibizzare 05:37:51  |  14-01-2011
Hi there! nice works alfa.good tutorial..i wonder if you dont mind,can u email me the scene and the materials.because could not make the effect just like yours..if u can share mail to wafibizzare@yahoo.com i appreciate it if u can do..thanks a lot..nice design nice 3D!
leewon 21:28:29  |  15-01-2011
great great great! Can I also get the scene? leewonkim1312@yahoo.com
sinbala 18:11:34  |  23-01-2011
superb its really great...pls send yr scene file too (emailbala87@yahoo.co.in)
annacastano 17:51:21  |  24-01-2011
great work, i like it,please can u mail me the scene, tkx my mail kokita_elamri@hotmail.com
Gabi Petri 02:05:18  |  26-01-2011
Perfect Tutorial, very good. Can you send to my e-mail (gabszuk@hotmail.com), please. Thanks in advantage...
arketec 21:47:40  |  26-01-2011
Wow! I don't know if you have honored any of the previous requests for a copy of the model, but I would also love to dive into this and see how you achieved such a fantastic rendering. arketec@yahoo.com thx.
darkstranger 17:42:32  |  01-02-2011
Hi - well done on some beautiful renders. I'm really interested in the colour tone you've achieved and if you are indeed sharing the file i'd be grateful to have a look. Really good simple yet stunning work. chrisbainbridge@hotmail.com
KONSTANTIN_K 18:16:14  |  05-02-2011
send me please newdesign@pisem.net
2momododo 14:22:53  |  06-02-2011
Great work plz send me file i need to know more about lighting i alwayes have problem with lighting
14:35:34  |  20-02-2011
Thank you for tutorial.I have a question.Can you give an information about making floor and texturing?Thanks...
panku 04:32:17  |  04-03-2011
hi i like your texturing and lighting ... can u mail me this file..... pankaj
artikdesign 10:07:13  |  06-03-2011
Hello! Excelent work!!! Can you send me scene file, please. ;)
artikdesign 10:08:06  |  06-03-2011
Hello! Excelent work!!! Can you send me scene file, please. ;) artyom.kulik@gmail.com
16:28:07  |  06-03-2011
hi..can you share to wood textures in your scene with me,please?thanks..
amedy 09:47:55  |  07-03-2011
amazing!!!.. can u send the scene to my mail? amedio_yui@yahoo.com tq. :)
kaoru 08:01:44  |  10-03-2011
You are a true inspiration. could I please have the scene? dragos.miler@gmail.com . Regards! Can't wait to see more of your work.
54679393 04:02:57  |  11-03-2011
great work! plaese send file to me , Email:546793930006@sina.com ,Thanks!
mirekbini 23:27:52  |  12-03-2011
SUPER WORK :) can you send me the scene? mirek.bini@interia.eu thanks
zamur 14:03:21  |  20-03-2011
amazing, perfect work! i hope is no problem to send me scene file too?? Please :) thank you very much zakimurtadha@gmail.com
nanojaz 13:00:04  |  21-03-2011
Look gorgeous wow :):):), very nice work , please send me the scene to nabil.khchaf@gmail.com , thank you, and keep maxing ;)
tomascupak 07:28:26  |  28-03-2011
hi, your work is bombastic, can you send me scene too?where you find so realistic texture?have you icq?
Tasnka 13:58:59  |  03-04-2011
wow very nice work and your bed room is very nice.can u send the scene to ----hotkey_8@yahoo.com---
kosegiv 02:31:52  |  05-04-2011
не могу быть большим оригиналом , хотел бы просить вас познакомиться с вашим произведением в оригинальном формате, с уважением к вам zubbarr@yandex.ru I can not be the big original, would like to ask you to get acquainted with your product in an original format, yours faithfully to you zubbarr@yandex.ru
JUL080 00:55:15  |  13-04-2011
Work remarkable... It would be desirable to understand it JUL080@yandex.ru
vegas 12:41:11  |  17-04-2011
Some amazing work here. Would you be able to send the file to me please? mitch.mckenzie1@gmail.com. Cheers
Voland 16:02:07  |  17-04-2011
Amazing work! Please can you send me scene file? s_mart@bluewin.ch
lorenzo.cremisi 12:59:52  |  18-04-2011
wonderful, the light settings is amazing!! can u send me the scene to simonelapenta@gmail.com thanks and enkoy!!
Gearldine 10:48:01  |  21-04-2011
so nice!!!!amazing rendering!may i have the scene?if can,my email is [ ls8_goh@hotmail.com ]
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Brilliant..can you email me the scene so that i can learn please....dunke69@hotmail.com
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thanks for tutorial.Good job;)
kubaniec 13:04:08  |  05-05-2011
amazing! Would you be able to send the file to me please? kubaniec@vp.pl regards
thesacramentalgirl 10:39:53  |  13-05-2011
can you please email me your 3d files? 9067881@mail.ru Thanks!!!
matt-ultima 15:14:05  |  19-05-2011
Fantastic scene. Top work. If you could email the scene to me to that would be great! Just learning V-ray
matt-ultima 15:14:42  |  19-05-2011
Email for below matty.t@live.com. Thanks
WapplerS 15:29:58  |  19-05-2011
amazing! Would you be able to send the file to me please? wappler-s@gmx.de
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Excuse me sir, can you send me the scene, please? Thank you very much veesly@gmail.com
Vrherrer 21:09:53  |  20-05-2011
Thank you so much, this is so helpful!!! are you sharing the scene model for further practicing? I'd love a copy if so. vherrer@gmail.com
hrafs 20:44:03  |  02-06-2011
gamma 2.2 ??????????
jaychoupham 10:29:56  |  12-06-2011
can you send me scene file, please. yahoo: jaychoupham@yahoo.com thansk
ziaro666 16:25:18  |  13-06-2011
The best of all... If its not a problem plase send your file at: ziemniaki2kg@poczta.onet.pl Thanks and good luck
Ekon 01:39:54  |  17-06-2011
Congrats Elif, great work as always. Sorry about the late reply.
Hennie 12:25:12  |  07-07-2011
Thank u very much!!!!Amazing work,Fantastic scene!!!!would you be so kind to send me the scene file?please...:D henniezzz@hotmail.com
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great work! plaese send file to me , Email:3dalex@i.ua ,Thanks!
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hi alfa, what the hell with render,it's awesome!! can you send me the scene please? pramayu85@gmail.com thanks
fasalkp 18:24:32  |  20-07-2011
Hi, It is excellent, what is the gamma. can u send file please, fasalkpvkd@yahoo.com
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can u send me the scene file? thanks
xuanhai_0272007 18:11:32  |  06-08-2011
Great! please send me your file, thongarc99@yahoo.com, thanks you
dzplay 13:12:05  |  10-08-2011
Hi im new to 3dsmax and just found your tutorial. Inspiring. Any chance I could ask you a couple more questions or if possible, I would love to learn from the files. Let me know and keep sharing, funcit@gmail.com
xiaxia 09:51:23  |  13-08-2011
great!I love to learn from the files. Let me know and keep sharing,Thank you!(xiaxiang101@yahoo.com.cn)
ArmanSatayev 23:24:54  |  15-08-2011
I agree, an excellent lesson! Please send your scene to my email address (armansatayev@gmail.com) thank you in advance!
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Hi. this tutorials is awesome! can you send me the scene please? I am curious about your settings on the white wall. akirahopp@gmail.com
gansolidu 05:43:04  |  06-09-2011
Saludos!! Excelente trabajo de verdad, aun soy novato en esto del renderizado. Can you send me the file? Please! publick_arq85@hotmail.com i hope you can... Congratulations!! Mexican user
nwh 17:26:20  |  07-09-2011
Great tutorial..can you send me the scene too please.....nwhaaa@gmail.com. thank you
Daniele 00:58:40  |  08-09-2011
could you share materials settings? thanks in advance
mehmetant 22:16:02  |  08-09-2011
Perfect rendering and beautiful materials. I love it. Congrats.. Can you send me the scene and materials please. It will be good for me. Thanks for sharing..
mehmetant 22:17:44  |  08-09-2011
Sorry my e-mail is djfmehmet@gmail.com thanks..
xmanh6 16:16:18  |  17-09-2011
awesome can u please tell me how did u learn 3ds max if u have any books or videos plz can u tell me where can i get it specially in v-ray rendering material and light okay and your scene is the best
xmanh6 16:34:54  |  17-09-2011
and thats my mail plz i really wanna learn vray render could u plz help me xmanh6@yzhoo.com
xmanh6 16:35:28  |  17-09-2011
and thats my mail plz i really wanna learn vray render could u plz help me xmanh6@yahoo.com
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Great! please send me your file, gorbunoff.and@yandex.ru, thanks you
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very nice tutorial, but can i have your file for closer study shahzad9242@gmail.com
poor_prince 09:03:33  |  06-10-2011
OMG! very Impressive master of 3d^;^ Thank u so much for this wonderful & great tutorial... By the way master, can you help or give me some advice about the computer specs for 3d max...I mean what computer specs is suitable for 3dmax program for a faster & good quality rendering...coz i was just a beginner in 3d max master. if you cud help me on this..I highly appreciate it if u could help me on this master... this is my email: poorprince.ah.design@gmail.com thank you...u could s
poor_prince 09:03:36  |  06-10-2011
OMG! very Impressive master of 3d^;^ Thank u so much for this wonderful & great tutorial... By the way master, can you help or give me some advice about the computer specs for 3d max...I mean what computer specs is suitable for 3dmax program for a faster & good quality rendering...coz i was just a beginner in 3d max master. if you cud help me on this..I highly appreciate it if u could help me on this master... this is my email: poorprince.ah.design@gmail.com thank you...
poor_prince 09:08:49  |  06-10-2011
Hello! everyone: could anyone help about the computer specs for 3d max program for a fast & goo quality rendering? please..=(.. coz I really don't know what computer is required for this particular program & I suppose to buy one... thanx guyz..
villy2 15:38:00  |  09-10-2011
it's amazing!! can you send me the file for study please ?(vasopan2@gmail.com) thanks in advance
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realy wonderful!!!! Kindly send me the file for study. (sojanjhon1@gmail.com) thanks and regards
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it's one from the best i ever seen!!! Could you sent me the .max file? thank you. madonom@yahoo.gr
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WOAH this is great. Can I ask for the file please?
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its amazing scene! i would like to see more detailed all material settings ans vray light settings. if possible send me ur scene please snowhite_ua@hotmail.com
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truely amazing, never thought that this would actually be achievable! would love a file for this scene to practice, a.wicks@live.co.uk
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It is really cool and useful to me. please can you send the scene to learn more. fearless_yaso@hotmail.com thanks very much
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no guys he is not sending..we may stop asking
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Если его не проблема Plase : derka4ev.freelance@yandex.ru
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very very very good, work please sent me your file, thanks a lot!
AUTOCADDD 16:40:31  |  28-02-2012
AUTOCADDD 16:40:31  |  28-02-2012
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Great work..Please mail me the file at ocular9@yahoo.co.in
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Thank you!wonderful, very complicated and beautiful work. if you can send me the scene please krabs.no.deaad @ rambler.ru A very grateful student Architect
architect505 05:13:32  |  19-03-2012
Just beautiful work!! Could you send the tutorial files to kylie@gca.net.au Cheers!
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truely amazing, never thought that this would actually be achievable! would love a file for this scene to practice, lethihanh195@gmail.com
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very nice work. If possible, please send the file to mirek_bini@wp.pl
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drawingred 12:58:22  |  01-05-2012
CGChris 19:16:11  |  03-05-2012
Very nice image. And with the "hair chair" it shouldn't really work, but it does. Well done! BTW...no need to send me this scene lol!
aregak 00:16:47  |  09-05-2012
hi man! very beautiful work,can you send me scene file plz,i want to study. plz plz! wowareg@yandex.ru i hope you did it ;)
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Great work..Please mail me the file at lior.isr@gmail.com
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Just unbelievable realism! Found your tutorial in Russian site and I covet to get the scene. Can you please send to aset1106@gmail.com?
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Please please please send me the file kaputt_123@yahoo.de
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hello man it's amazing your work congrats. could you send me the scene please. thanks a lot for your work, thanks for the tutorial again your work it´s AMAZING mi email is arkiotek@live.com.mx thanks
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could you leave a scene setting for we study please ? Thanks cupuri_on23@hotmail.com
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Great work..Please mail me the file at huguito.ipv@gmail.com
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Excellent work. Plz send me this send with textures. Tks. My mail is nomhuyen@yahoo.fr
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i very like your 3d. pls sent me your file. phamkieuduc@gmail.com
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Incredible work! How can I get the scene for more detailed study? My mail is etanea@gmail.com
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Fantastic work!! Can you send me your file with textures? That would be great. Thanx!! castiglioni@gmx.de
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Nicw work! Donate your file please >>design.max@hotmail.com
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this is an absolutely sensational scene. Describing everything would take a lifetime! great job! could you share this scene please? motodri@gmail.com thank you in advance!
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Great, you are my idea of an artist, I hope I can learn from your work things pjwujian@126.com
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AWESOME...can you send me the scene, too...I want to learn, PLEASE THANK YOU gruender-av@gmx.de
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Can you send me the empty scene ces3d@hotmail.com
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vary nice... thx
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Awesome work !! it's really amazing , can you plzzzzz send me the file ? msalameh74@gmail.com
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Fantastic scene, the detail is excellant. Would you be able to send me the scene and textures? Would love to learn more. jolley_richard@hotmail.com
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It looks perfect! Great work! As I see there, you are able to send this scene... so if you could be so kind to sending me this too, thank you! It will help me so much. nekonecnapohoda@gmail.com
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Very cool. great tutorial, please share your file... lailee@gdpisp.com
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Just an amazing render, great lighting, perfect material selection and good camera angles. Keep up the amazing work! According to the other comments in here, this scene can be obtained, if it is still possible may I ask you to send this? My E-Mail address: modprogrammer@gmail.com Thanks!
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send me the file please
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Hi Alfa, can I also ask for the file for my study? I hope I can get a copy, here is my email add. yatubchua@yahoo.com thanks in advance and really appreciate this. cheers
slick3r 21:15:44  |  03-04-2013
hy I would realy like to know how you mada the material for the window courtains it looks absolutely amazing. Thanx so mutch. Alex. My email adress is al3xandru.florea@gmail.com.
14:43:53  |  27-04-2013
I agree, an excellent lesson! Please send your scene to my email address (amandeep.3797@gmail.com) thank you in advance!
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I like your work. I'm new to this, I ask you to throw me on the email: axel_a_82@mail.ru this scene. thank you
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indhuMATHI 09:01:10  |  19-05-2014
Hi, very nice tutorial. can i have the scene file. please email to: imathi82@gmail.com. thanls a lot.
fano333 23:37:20  |  04-10-2014
Perfect! here is my email francisco_marchisio@hotmail.com ! Thank you !!
molecularmodel 03:16:50  |  22-10-2015
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