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Making of Three Seasons and night

Marcin Lusnia 2009-09-14 13:50 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > modeling

Tutorial by Marcin Lusnia


I would like to show you the process of creating my scene called "Three Seasons and night". I based on Norwegian architects RRA project "Villa Hesthagen". The most imported thing was setting up the environment and creating realistic winter climate. The scene was created with 3ds max 2009 and V-Ray Render.

Modeling of buildings:

On the beginning I created few simple solids. Thanks this i could adjust the camera. The buildings are simple enough so several basic blocks suffice perfectly.

Making of Three Seasons


Modeling of small tree:

Edit cylinder to fields and use chamfer, extrude, bevel and finally connect.

Making of Three Seasons
Making of Three Seasons


Modeling snow on the roof:

To create such snow you only need to have modified box and use Turbo smooth.

Making of Three Seasons


Modeling of terrain:

With snow was some more fun. First I have created plane (edited in to poly) and then moving polygons I formed a hill. So now I can thickening the grid and get smooth shape hills with snow-covered effect. I have selected next polygons in the grid area, the place where you can find the snow and drifts traces. After doing this we click in Detach to separate plane and we will use some Turbo smooth options.

Making of Three Seasons


Using the tool Paint Deformation I sculpt dents and bulges. That give me a effect of snowdrifts. I used additionally Relax function (for smoothing) and when the effect was for me satisfaction I corrected the scene too with Turbo smooth.

Making of Three Seasons
Making of Three Seasons
Making of Three Seasons
Making of Three Seasons
Making of Three Seasons
Making of Three Seasons


Snow Shader:

There are simple materials (only textures in Diffuse slot) so I don't show you how to create all shaders. However I will show you how to create snow shader, the most importing thing in the scene... So in Diffuse slot I inserted snow map (that was good tiling) and add to BUMP slot (value 70) a map with shades of gray. Diffuse map blur I have setup on 0.1 and Bump blur slot was setup on 0.0.1.

Making of Three Seasons


Most important shader that I used in scene

Making of Three Seasons


Scene Lighting:

For lighting the scene I used a half sphere with imposed VrayLight materials.

Making of Three Seasons


Setting up VrayLight materials

Making of Three Seasons


Lighting interior of the building:

Making of Three Seasons


Setting up VrayPhysicalCamera:

Making of Three Seasons


Setting up Render

Making of Three Seasons


Posproduction in Photoshop:

In Photoshop I used Levels (Ctrl+L) to lighten and add more contrast in render.

Making of Three Seasons


On finish I used filters: Distort and Lens Correction (where I reduced Vignette Amount value to -10).

Making of Three Seasons


Thank you for reading my Making of Three Seasons and night... it would be very nice for me if someone take advantage from this article. Send best regards "Jamiethomas".

Author: Marcin Lusnia
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raja 14:55:02  |  15-09-2009
exellent work thanks for sharing with us but this is only one season the rest of two ?
kanasonic 11:26:35  |  16-09-2009
Very good work ! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us ! I don't want to abuse but could you explain us the spring scene with the nice grass ? Thanks again !!!
BAYUYOGA 18:10:48  |  16-09-2009
what about the grass tutorial please.... its so beutifull n perfect good job dude...thanks....
qbap 10:00:47  |  17-09-2009
Marcin has told us that when he will have some lite more time he will create Making of for next seasons (two - tree weeks) :)
dollmaker 10:17:16  |  13-10-2009
We need to see how u made GRASS.. please consider tutorial.. waiting from a long time now.. :(
Husam2009 02:17:57  |  26-11-2009
Hey Thanks a bunch for such a great tutorial! I would really appreciate it if you made a tutorial to show how you did the grass! Thanks again. Husam
Husam2009 04:26:50  |  28-11-2009
Was anyone able to successfully create the snow texture? I followed the tutorial using a snow texture from cgtextures but could not get the same photo-realistic result. If anyone has achieved a photo-real result please share how you did it. Thanks.
martinnn 14:46:11  |  20-01-2010
good job! how to make the grass?
oscarrangel 22:48:04  |  16-04-2010
good job!! i hadn't seen render like that ...
yum 18:26:38  |  03-05-2010
great..nice sky but I make the house be effected by color of sky so much...how I do that ?
K I S H O R E 21:55:57  |  26-05-2010
AMOET 21:22:12  |  16-06-2010
Great job...
hong007 08:11:24  |  29-06-2010
대단하네요!! THANKS
hong007 08:11:25  |  29-06-2010
대단하네요!! THANKS
jaylun 18:06:06  |  16-09-2010
brianama 11:55:44  |  15-11-2010
Wow wonderful work. Could you share the scene file to diego.amadei@gmail.com? Thanks
ktstrung_uce 04:20:33  |  28-12-2010
Can you give me materials ????... my email: ktstranmanhtrung@gmail.com or ktstrung_uce@yahoo.com.vn thanks very much
kunal vyas 08:14:40  |  27-01-2011
Oswm dude... its vry halpful to us...
GHADERPOUR 01:13:15  |  18-03-2011
Nothing to say about what u r doing...
Robyy 08:02:15  |  18-04-2011
WapplerS 15:35:14  |  19-05-2011
amazing! Would you be able to send the file to me please? wappler-s@gmx.de
lonardo 14:54:29  |  02-07-2011
Beautyful work!!! I Like your job. . . if you don't mind can you share your file work to me, because i'am very dificult to create a material and realistic scene. this is my e-mail ( hollow_godric@yahoo.com ) I hope you'll give it to me. for your attention I say many thanks!!!
Honeymore 20:30:26  |  02-07-2011
fantastic work, I would like to try my own skills on this scene. Could you please sent me a maps? My email honeymore@me.com Ewelina
OCT studio 21:48:23  |  02-08-2011
Great snow effect! could you send me the file would really appreciate it oct.studio@mail.com
OCT studio 21:48:24  |  02-08-2011
Great snow effect! could you send me the file would really appreciate it oct.studio@mail.com
mohammad_lahooti 16:42:20  |  14-09-2011
hi man your the best i vant remember it is very marvelous i proude you thx for your kindness that you let us know that thx alot my email is lahooti2002@gmail. com i like be freind with you i am from iran i dont know may be you dont like iran but anyway i love your job.
Jina 04:28:20  |  31-10-2011
Jina 04:30:03  |  31-10-2011
Worship, knowledge is like a fire, the dry bush met, the disciple!!!! Begged MAX files, thank you!!!! 20252453@qq.com
akozan 13:12:44  |  21-12-2011
Beautyful work!!! I Like your job. . . if you don't mind can you share your file work to me, because i'am very dificult to create a material and realistic scene. this is my e-mail ( aykutkzn@gmail.com ) I hope you'll give it to me. for your attention I say many thanks!!!
lorans29 12:11:57  |  13-01-2012
pk thx but were is the complet ??
kami3949 08:11:04  |  30-01-2012
kheili ali bud mamnun. (Im from iran) thanx
czajnik 08:40:55  |  16-02-2012
Wielkie dzięki za podzielenie się wiedzą i doświadczeniem!
Setareh Memari 12:09:56  |  03-07-2012
More MTL informations please :(
nguyenhuuloc1990 06:40:54  |  14-09-2012
wow...can you give me this scene & material ? My mail : jasonjames7421@yahoo.com. thx you so much
topemax 05:40:26  |  16-09-2012
i love this, can you please give me this scene & material ? My mail toperahaman@gmail.com
sdale 11:46:15  |  11-10-2012
thanks for this
vidges 09:35:44  |  03-07-2013
I like your work. I'm new to this, I ask you to throw me on the email: axel_a_82@mail.ru this scene. thank you
jer_shen 02:26:10  |  18-07-2013
my email adress is shenpangjie@163.com Thankyou
decade fromC 11:24:59  |  24-07-2013
my email adress is dongxg67@126.com Thankyou
sorry88cm 16:05:07  |  18-10-2013
Handsome, learning, take me as a disciple! This scene I refer to? Thank you, my mailbox sorry88cm@gmail.com