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The mini taxi project was an old idea in my mind i finally did it. This bitty vehicle used as a taxi in many countries because it is active and inexpensive. It have many nicknames like Raksha and Tok Tok. The project took me one month of free time to complete it.

The whole project was modeled in 3ds max 2008. Here you can find some of refrences i collected from many sites on the web during working in this project.
Most parts of the project was modeled in standard box modeling.
I used simple boxes and cylinders covert them to editablepolys.
I used also modifieres like turbosmooth, bend, noise, sweep, lathe, shell and so on nothing special
I believe in the rule which says... (Beatiful is in details).
Project containts 775.000 faces (meshsmooth and plants included).For plants i used the great plugns Ivy Generator ..thanks for it .. you can find it here:
For texturing I used textures from 3D Total... (Total Textures),
and some other textures from web.
Textures was repaired in Photoshop with high res then duplicate texture to make bump, specular and opacity if needed.
For UV's I used unwrap uvw for all parts
of sciene except the little parts like stones. There is a displacement map for only ground and wall.
For lighting I used one directional light for sunlight with a small yellowish tint and default vray skylight.
I rendered this project whith high settings of vray. So it took 32 hours on my P4 processor with 2Gb of RAM. The image was rendered to 2500 x 1600 resolution.
Here is settings i used
Post production
For post production I used Photoshop cs3 to make a color correction like hue/saturation,levels ,brightness and contrast added sharpen filter to some parts of image and other final touches.

About me
My name is Waleed Abdeen.
I was born in Sudan (the heart of Africa) and finished Faculty of Law in Khartoum town.
Now i live and work in State of Qatar with my lovely family.
I learned 3ds Max before three Years and four Months and still
learning cg as a lovely hobbyist and relaxation times.
At last i want to thank Evermotion Team for let me this happy chance
Thanks all
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Author: Waleed Abdeen
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