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3dsmax: Reactor

LIS 2006-12-06 00:00 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > animation

Hello everyone! I had prepared three tutorials about using reactor in 3ds Max. Reactor is a tool that allow you to simulate real world feature like gravity, objects, cloths.

1. Coins
In first part you get to know how to make coin stack by using only "Ridig Body Collection".



In this part We are going to do a coins stack. It's hard to keep accuracy when we want to do that manually because of lots number of objects. So it is quite smart to do some simulation.

1. Let's start from simple plane divided into 50 , 50 segments.

2. Create simple coin model from Cylinder primitive. Remember to add UVW mapping (plane) now.

3. By using Clone order just copy, rotate and move coins till you get column of coins.

4. Hit Ctrl + A to select all objects in scene and apply "Rigid Body Collection".

5. Select only coins and open "Property Editor". Set all values as i show bellow. Select floor and in "Property Editor" set Concave mesh.

6. Go to Utilities->Reactor-> World and set "Col.Tolerance" to 2.0cm Open also "Preview & Animation" Tab and set "End Frame" to 200.

7. Your scene is ready to start simulation. Press "Preview Animation" and press "P" from your keyboard. If everything is doing right close simulation Window and press "Create Animation" Button.

You can download complete scene Here.


2. Curtain
Second one will show you how to make curtain. I used "Deforming Mesh Collection" and "Cloth Collection".

Welcome in second part of this tutorial. This time i will show you how to make curtain.

1. Just Create Box divided to 1 , 1 , 15. Exactly bellow it make plane divided to 10 , 15.

2. Select box and apply "Deforming Mesh Collection". Select plane and apply "Cloth Modifier" and "Cloth Collection".

3. Select box, go to frame 5 on time-line and set key. Now go to frame 40, Using Select&Scale tool scale box to 15% of original value i x axis. hit "set key".

4. Select box, hit "Open Property Editor" and mark "Unyielding".

5. Select plane and go to modify panel. turn on "Avoid Self-Intersection" and set Air Resistance to 0,01. Click on "Attach To DefMesh", select box for "Deformable mesh" and select upper vertex.

6. Go to Utilities -> Reactor -> World and set Col.Tolerance to 1,0cm.

7. Now you can test simulation by hitting "Preview Animation". If it's OK press "Create Animation.

You can download complete scene Here.

3. Lift
Last tutorial present the way to create simple lift. We will use "Ridig Body Collection",

"Point-Point Constraint", "Rope Collection" and "Motor".

In this part I Will explain you how to make simple Lift.

1. We need to create geometry for simulation. Let's make simple Crate, Spinning-wheel, rope(spline), and floor. During making a spline, take care to put Vertex densely. We will need also two boxes next to our Spinning-wheel. Your scene should look like bellow.

2. Hit Ctrl + A to select all, and apply "Ridig Body Collection".

3. Select Crate and go to "Property Editor". Set Mass value to 5,0.

4. Select Spinning-wheel and go to "Property Editor". Set Mass value to 1,0 and Concave mesh. Select floor and in "Property Editor" set Concave mesh.

5. Create two "Point-Point Constraint" objects and set them as i show bellow.

6. Create "Constrain Solver" and select it. Go to modify panel, Chose "RB Collection" and add all "Point-Point Constraints".

7. It's time to select our rope and apply "Rope Modifier" and "Rope Collection"

8. Select rope and go to modify panel. Set Air Resistance to 5,0. Click on "Attach To Rigid Body", Show Spinning-wheel as RB Collection and select upper Vertex. Do this same for crate, remember to select vertex at opposite site of rope this time.

9. Last thing to do is to select Spinning-wheel and apply Motor. Set it as bellow. Go to Utilities->Reactor->World and set Col. Tolerance to 2,0cm.

10. Now you can test scene by "Preview Animation". When it's OK press "Create Animation.

You can download complete scene Here.

Author: LIS
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Adanedhel 12:11:52  |  16-07-2011
weird i didnt see this tutorial earlier :). at least now i can learn few more things that will help me with my projects. was trying to find this everywhere but didnt know it was reactor that was doing this. thx andrzej pozdro