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My adventure in the 3d world started in '97 when I learnt Autocad and then in 2000 Maya. I like also Rhinocerous for modelling and the great speed and quality of Vray Render. I try to create photorealistic images and I like to design objects. I'm a moderator of the forum, an Italian CG Community.

Open Rhinocerous.
In the top view create a closed curve

In the front view create a simple open curve

Now select the curve A and extrude the solid: Solid->Extrude solid->Straight
Then select the curve B and extrude the surface: Surface->Extrude->Straight

Now make an itersection with the solid and the surface
Select the solid then: Solid->Intersection and select the surface

Now fillet the edge to give a smooth aspect: Solid->Fillet Edge

This is the result:

Mirror the geometry: Trasform->Mirror and Union to make a single object

In the top view create another closed curve.

Extrude the solid

Now I use a simple method to create 2 different object:
1) Duplicate the main body solid, hide and copy the extruded solid (not paste now)
2) Make an intersection between the main body (the visible) and the solid

3) Hide the result and unhide the duplicate main body
4) Paste the copied solid and make a difference between the 2 geometry

Fillet again the edge

This is the result.

In the top view create 2 rectangle.

Extrude and move the 2 solid.

In the right view create another rectangle.

Extrude the solid.

Now subtract the second rectangle from the first

In the top view create a closed curve

Extrude the solid object

With the same method (1)…(4) copy and intersect the geometry
Now we heave 2 object

Now select the edges of the box and fillet

Then duplicate the box and hide. The box is needed to make a subtraction from the cap of the key Select the box and the main body to make a union.

Select the edge and fillet to give more smooth aspect.


Now create the display, start with a closed curve in top view

Then extrude the solid object

With the previous method duplicate the main body and copy the extruded curve, then make a intersection and a subtraction

Select the edges and fillet again, this is the final result

Now create the glass display with a simple solid cube. Make a difference between the display and the cube then create another cube and fillet edges.
Create another box under the glass for the LCD screen.

Now is time for the buttons.
With the same method create a lot of solid cylinder on the main body and the display.
Copy the main body and the cylinder then intersect and subtract.

This is the final version:
Now export the single objects to *.iges or *.obj
Author: 1Shot
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