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Making of 3ds Max V-Ray interior scene.

This bathroom scene for 3ds Max and V-Ray comes with Archmodels vol. 263 - bathroom props collection that was recently released by Evermotion.The collection consists of 64 sets various accessories: sinks, taps, showers, toilets, bathtubes and various bathroom furniture. It also includes two free interior scenes. We will breakdown one of them today.




This is how the scene looks in the viewport. As you can see, we have a very simple but efficient setup. A small interior with wooden walls and many small light sources, main light comes from the big front window, behind the window we placed a hero tree and some greenery. To avoid placing some distant geometry, we blocked the view with a stone wall.



Main light source for the scene is provided by V-Ray dome light. You can see two domes here - one is for providing diffuse lighting, the other - for reflections.



Dome light settings - as you can see, only option for diffuse lighting is selected.



The second dome light affects relections, specular and atmosphere components of the light. It also has a different map. Splitting dome light into two separate components is a common technique for granular control over your lighting in the scene.



We also included some VrayIES lights in the ceiling. Settings on the right.



More IES settings.



Props included in the scene come from Archmodels vol. 263 collection.



Other view of the scene.



We placed VrayVolumeGrid in the bathtube to simulate steam coming up. You can learn about using volumetric effects in this volumetric effects tutorial from Chaos Group channel.



Mesh of the room.



V-Ray physical camera settings



Materials of the room - just a multi-material with a separate submaterials for walls and ceiling.



Ceiling material



Glass window material - we included imperfections in the refraction glossiness slot. There is also a normal map simulating droplets on the surface. Of course, it is tileable so you can re-use it in your projects without hassle.


Final scene!



Thanks for reading!


Author: Michal Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
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