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We are looking at Archmodels for Unreal Enigne 4 vol. 7

Archmodels for Unreal Engine 4 vol. 7 is the lates real-time collection of city buildings made by Evermotion. Collection consists of 57 blueprints - fully equpped New-york style buildings, but offers more than that. Except buildings, we have separate exterior elements like air conditioners, firestairs, roof decorations, etc. that can be re-used with other models.




This is a cover render made in Unreal Engine (real-time) with models that come from Evermotion Archmodels for UE4 vol. 7



Another city render. Real-time engines are getting better and give the opportunity to create photo-realistic renders and animations in a very short time. Of course, they need highly optimized, unwrapped models and high quality detailed textures. That's where Archmodels for Unreal Engine come in.



The third cover of Archmodels for UE4 vol. 7.



The main scene that you see after opening the project with Archmodels for UE4 vol. 7 - we lined up all buildings, so you can have a fast preview what's inside. There are 57 total blueprints - each representing one building.




We included curtains and interiors. These are simplified models that create another layer of photorealism - instead of 2d planes you actually have real geometry inside.



A single blueprint consists of many single assets - roof decorations, air conditioning, pipes, stairs, curtains, windows, interiors.



All building elements "exploded".



Material instance example - instances are fast to modify and work with. You can easily change basic material parameters like tiling, roughness, specular, bump, etc.



And this is our main base material that is used for instances.



One of a features in it is parallax mapping.



Parallax mapping settings.



Maps modifications settings - scalar parameters are mixed with maps, so we can control for example roughness amount in material instance later.



Some buildings are made from moudles, so you can make them higher / lower if you want.



All static meshes are properly unwrapped with unique UVs.



UV map.

You can purchase this collection from Evermotion Shop - Archmodels for Unreal engine 4 vol. 7.

Author: Michal Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
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