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Breakdown of a scene from Archinteriors vol. 58.

This scene is from the Archinteriors vol. 58 collection, which includes ten complete kitchen scenes. We have a simple interior here, lit by VraySun. Light shines through the open door on the left and through the small windows upstairs. We used HDR and VrayDomeLight maps to complement the lighting. The building itself is not complicated, it comes to life thanks to dedicated kitchen assets and well constructed shaders. The accent of the room is the wall behind the sink - we used granite here and placed longitudinal VrayLight to illuminate this element, as well as countertops and a gas stove. The composition is complemented by a table in the foreground with candles and a kitchen island.




Additional lighting above the table and halogen lighting adds a bit of life to the interior.

This scene is fully compatible with Chaos Vantage - just export it as a vrayscene from 3ds Max and load it into the Chaos Vantage program, which takes a few seconds and we can now move in the three-dimensional interior in real time. Of course, the quality of real-time rendering is not as good as offline render straight from Vray, but it is sufficient to inspect the scene and have a preview of its construction.


The overview of the scene.



Another light source is VrayDome lighting - here you can see the settings of HDR map. We used 8K x 4K map.



This is a map that we used to lit this scene. It is a free map from HDRI Haven site, you can download it from HDRI Haven site.




The building itself is rather simple.



We used an additional trees plane for background trees (barely visible in camera, but still useful if you want to achieve other camera angles).



This is a background map that we used. We didn't want to include sky (because it would collide with a color of the sky coming from VraySky) so we maksed it out.



Background opacity map - everything except trees is masked out.




Overview of the scene - as you can see we placed Light Portsl in the opening.



Floor mesh.



Floor material created in Substance Painter.



Camera settings. We used close to natural 40mm focal length.



VrayLights in lamps - settings.




VraySun settings - our main light source in this scene.



HDR map settings.



Halogen light settings.



Render settings

Author: Michal Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
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