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A peek inside the scene from the latest Archinteriors vol. 58.

Archinteriors vol. 58 is the latest collection of ten modern kitchen interiors. It's made for 3ds Max and V-Ray renderer. Let's look at the first scene from this collection - modern interior lit with low morning sun.

01 AI58 003

The final rendered scene. We don't use post-production here, it's a render straight out of the V-Ray Frame buffer. Download this scene here ($).

AI58 003 Wire

Wireframe render from the camera perspective.

A short walkthrough in Chaos Vantage with a little light tweaking - Evermotion scenes are mostly compatible with Chaos Vantage out of the box, just export vrayscene file from 3ds Max and open it in Chaos Vantage app and you can easily navigate and change it in realtime.

slice24 11

A scene in 3ds Max viewport.

slice23 13

Overview of the scene. The main light source is a VraySun and HDRI in VrayDomeLight.

slice22 13

The building and VrayDomeLight

slice21 14

VrayDomeLight settings.

slice20 15

VraySun settings.

slice19 18

Environment map settings.

slice18 19

Light portals in openings.

slice17 20

Small halogen lights settings.

slice16 22

Walls - mesh.

slice15 22

Walls material.

slice14 24

Curtains mesh.

slice13 24

Curtains material - it is 2-sided material with one side that is translucent and the other that is opaque.

slice12 25

Translucent material settings.

slice11 24

Opaque material settings.

slice10 25

Floor mesh.

slice9 25

Floor mesh with wireframe.

slice8 26

Floor mesh - detail.

slice7 28

Floor material.

slice6 29

We placed a plane under floor with a wooden material assigned to it so we can avoid light leaking through the gaps between floor panels.

slice3 30

Outside grass plane.

slice2 31

Outside plane material.

slice1 30

Camera settings.

render settings 21

Render settings.

Author: Michal Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
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