Rendering Models With Shadows on Transparent Background

Denis Keman 2021-01-21 13:35 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > rendering

3ds Max and V-Ray tutorial.

Editors note: If you want to render an object for a client that wants to use different backgrounds for it (for example for a webshop), you need to render it without background. But, for greater realism, you want to keep the shadow of your studio light. Luckily, it is easy. Denis talks also about placing your rendered objects into scenes and things that shoulb be taken into consideration, like scene lighting and perspective.

Creating render with shadow that can be placed against any background is simple with 3ds Max and V-Ray. You can use for example VralMtlWrapper for this task. It makes the material appear as a matte material, which shows the background instead of the base material when viewed directly. By enabling shadows you can see them on the matte surface.


Author: Denis Keman Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: vray 3dsmax shadowcatcher
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