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Architectural visualization made in 3ds Max and V-Ray.

This is the third scene from Archinteriors vol. 54, which consists of ten scenes with modern houses. This villa is placed in a sunny "southern Europe" environment.

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nr 02332_AI54_003_Cam_01

Final render - camera 1


nr 02333_AI54_003_Cam_02

Final render - camera 2


nr 02335_AI54_003_Cam_01_Wire

Wireframe view - camera 1


nr 02336_AI54_003_Cam_02_Wire

Wireframe view - camera 2


1 overview_3

Overview of a scene in viewport


4 hdri_in_scene

The scene is lit by Vray Sun and HDRI dome light. Dome settings above.


3b sun

VraySun settings.


5 top_cam

Camera 1 settings


6 top_cam_2

Camera 2 settings


7 ceiling

Celing mesh


8 celing_mat

Ceiling material


9 wall_mat

Wall material


10 wooden_logs

Wooden beams mesh


13 wooden_logs_detail

Wooden beams close-up


14 wooden_logs_material

Wooden beams material


15 wooden_logs_material_B

Wooden beams material (continued)


16 wooden_logs_material_C

Wooden beams material (continued)


17 walls_mesh

Walls mesh


18 walls_mat

Walls mesh material


19 maty

Above the pool there is a hanging mat


20 maty_mat

Hanging mat material


21 maty_mat2

Hanging mat material (continued)


22 pool_mesh

Pool - mesh of a water


23 water_pool_mat

Water - material


24 portallight

Light portal


26 floor

Floor is made from separate elements. Planks are geometry.


27 fridge

Fake it till you make it - if the fridge is too deep, it can stick out on the other side if it will not be visible in final shot.


28 tree_1

The same goes with greenery - you can make all ground with grass and spend a lot of time making things perfect, but the truth of arch-viz is that you need to spend the time only on the things that will contribute to the final shot. In this case, the tree can hang in the air - this is not visible in the final frame.


29 gravel_box

To optimize viewport speed we had to disable rendering of geometry of our gravel pathway. It has pretty high poly count, so we used an option to show bounding box only when unselected.


30 gravel

After selecting bounding box, we can see the pathway.


31 gravel_solo

Gravel pathway - close up.


32 gravel_material

Gravel pathway material.


25 render_settings

Render settings

Thanks for reading! :)

Author: Michal Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: vray 3dsmax pool archviz vray archviz
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