Planar Reflections & Screen Space Reflections

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Tips & Tricks for Unreal Engine.

In this Unreal Tips & Tricks video tuorial, we take a look at Planar Reflections and Screen Space Reflections (SSR). Both of these provide more accurate ways of adding high-quality reflections to your scene than Scene Capture Actors that we looked at in part one, but at a cost.

Unlike cube-map-based reflections, Planar Reflections are distortion-free but come at great cost, since the entire scene is rendered twice on the GPU. SSR is a little less costly, but can only render reflections of objects that are currently on screen. We'll look at how and when to use both.

Screen Space Reflections (SSR) are much more efficient than Planar Reflections when it comes to rendering, but are also much less reliable.



Author: YT Editor: Michał Franczak
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