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Two tutorials that will help you to start working with tyFlow particle simulation plugin for 3ds Max.

tyFlow is a “complete rewrite” of Particle Flow, intended as a next-generation replacement for 3ds Max’s native particle and physics systems. tyFlow adds simulation retiming and support for Phoenix FD and Krakatoa’s native file formats. It’s also intended to improve simulation performance, introducing full CPU multi-threading, GPU instancing in the viewport and “super fast” auto-caching. For rendering, output is compatible with V-Ray and Deadline.

This tyFlow tutorial covers the absolute basics, including some background about this 3Ds Max plugin, the download & installation process, the main differences between tyFlow and the old Particle Flow (RIP) and a simple setup of some particles being emitted and cubes breaking when they hit the ground using the Voronoi helper and PhysX shape operators. I also go over what you need to do to render your tyFlow setups with Vray.




This tyFlow for 3Ds Max tutorial goes over setting a simple path follow for our particles and then telling them to collide with a box and break. We're using the voronoi helper for the fracturing and PhysX shape and collision for the physics interactions.



Download tyFlow and read documentation.

Author: RedefineFX Editor: Michał Franczak
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