Creating a cushion material in Quixel Mixer

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Get a sneak peek into Mixer's upcoming procedural mask stack, as Josh Powers goes through the process of creating a cushion material.

Quixel Mixer is now FREE while in Beta.

A leather pillow cushion was made using a new version of Quixel Mixer that allows using procedural texturing. 

Quixel Mixer allows you to blend, modify and layer Megascans or custom textures to create unique materials. Leverage the multi-channel tileable painter to color, mask and sculpt amazing 32 bit materials in crisp detail. You can mix textures to quickly come up with brand new materials, and match colors and reflectance values with a single click. The non-destructive layer system keeps things simple and tidy. Unleash your creative potential with painting. Perform straight brush strokes with canvas or camera aligned painting in orthographic mode. With multi-channel painting and 32 bit sculpting, designing tileable PBR materials is easy.



Author: YT Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: quixel texturing
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