Unreal Studio Introduction

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Join Eddie Perlberg in taking a first look at Unreal Studio and its workflow enhancing capabilities for architectural visualization, engineering, and product design.

With Unreal Studio you can create real-time visuals for architecture, product design and manufacturing. Unreal Studio drastically reduces iteration time through efficient transfer of CAD and 3ds Max data into Unreal Engine. Unreal Studio gives you access to Datasmith - the workflow toolkit in Unreal Studio that allows you to seamlessly import your data into Unreal Editor. you can also make use of industry-specific templates that let you quickly assemble an experience.



Unreal Studio offers final conformation and translation of many popular CAD formats. Entire scenes are converted with high fidelity into Unreal Engine, automating many of the time-intensive processes involved with data prep.

Unreal Studio enables you to perform regular expression search on assemblies and meta data to manipulate objects, substitute materials and more, either with Blueprints or Python scripting.

After importing data using Unreal Studio, you can select objects and materials and re-import them into your Unreal Engine scene.



Author: Epic Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: unreal
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Unreal Engine - free direct access for students

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