Handpainted Masking in Quixel Mixer

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Learn how to use the latest Mixer features, such as masking and duplicate in this quick overview.

In this video you can take a quick look at the new features of Quixel Mixer. 

First, we add a surface. We can change high and low frequency of added surfaces for increasing / decreasing details. We can fix tiling with adding duplicated copy of our surface and offseting it. Another new feature is a layer isolation. By alt-clicking on eye icon, we can see only one layer from a stack. There is also a possibility to add mask to layer. It can be an image or we can handpaint it. For painting mask we use a brush with controlled size, opacity and flow values. We can paint mask with three modes - painting black, white and erasing. Quixel mixer uses shortcuts known from Photoshop for it's painting tools. B for brush, E for eraser and X for switching between colors.


Author: YT Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: mixer quixel
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