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Let's see how this white kitchen scene was assembled in Blender.

This scene comes from Archinteriors vol. 43 for Blender. It depicts cosy, bright kitchen in scandinavian style. Let's see how this scene looks in Blender.



This is a final scene. No post-production was applied here - it's just raw render stright out of Blender. It was rendered with Cycles renderer of course - built-in free rendering engine for Blender.



Wireframe view.



The scene in Blender viewport.




I enabled "texture view" and took a screenshot of a whole building mesh. You can see a plane with trees. they are barely visible behind the window in final render, so we didn't put 3d mesh here, 2d plane with bitmpa is enough to fake the eye.



Plane mesh on the bottom, plane material on the left and plane bitmap on the right.



As you can see, we have two openings in the windows. Area lights that are placed here are in fact only light portals that let environment lighting inside, but do not emit their own light. for further optimalizations we removed window mesh from the window opening that is not directly visible to camera.



Building mesh is rather simple polygonal model, so we will not discuss modeling phase - it was just regular extruding, etc. On the top you can see wall material. we used only simple color for Base color channel, we placed texture in roughness and bump map channels.



Building without walls, visible props inside.



Ribbing beneath the ceiling consists of two different meshes with different materials. The ribbing closer to the opposite wall has wooden material. You can see mesh, map and material settings above.



The ribbing closer to the camera has concrete / plaster material.



Wall of tiles was created with a simple mesh and a bump texture.



Cabinet mesh, material and texture



Fridge - mesh, material and texture



Sink and cupboard - above you can see countertops material.



Cupboard front material and map.



Camera settings



Render settings, denoiser settings and scene environment lighting settings.



Final render again! thanks for reading! Get Archinteriors vol. 43 for Blender in Evermotion Shop!

Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
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