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In this tutorial Denis Kozhar shows how to export floor made with Floor Generator or RailClone to Unreal Engine 4.

You can find text description with screenshots below the video.


First of all you need to understand that it takes some time to export Floor Generator or RailClone created floor to Unreal Engine. So if you have any ready textures, use them instead.





After you create floor mesh, you need to create low poly version, in this case it's simple square 1 polygon model. You need to unwrap this object and convert to editable poly.




For baking normal map we need to use scanline render, because Corona doesn't support Projection Modifier. It is planned for the 1.8 release. 

On the rendering tab you need to enable Global Supersampler and choose type: "Hammersley", also you can set quality to 1.




Open render to texture window by pressing 0 hotkey or select it in rendering tab. Select low poly model and enable Projection Mapping. Press "pick" and choose floor generator model.




You will get projection modifer on this model, and you need to fix cage, by pressing reset.




Enable "shaded" and change amount, so it covers whole floor mesh.




Check mapping coordinates tab, it should be set on: "Use existing channel". Add normal map and set file type and place to save it. I reccomend you don't use JPG format for normal map, because it can show artifacts due to compression. Set file resolution, the bigger floor you have, the bigger resolution you need to bring all the details.




Now Press "Render" and wait till its done. For diffuse color choose render engine you use for material creation. In my case it's Corona Renderer.




Add Corona Render Difuse color and disable projection mapping. Choose floor generator mesh with material on it.




As previously, choose file type and place to save it. It's very important to check Mapping coordinates, choose "use existing channel" and be shure that your model is properly unwrapped.




In my case i unwrapped model on channel 2 so i need to select it. Start render, Corona shows up with black window but render goes fine, so in the end you will get nice texture.




I open Diffuse color map in Photoshop and change Image mode to 8 bit, save it as JPG. To create roughness map you need to desaturate and invert image. Also you can change contrast if you need. Save image as JPG.




Next we need to export low poly model as FBX file to Unreal. In Unreal Engine import mesh and textures. Don't forget to flip green chanel in normal map settings.




Create Material and load textures to base color, roughness and normal. Assign it to your mesh. 




In this case i just show the basic concept. If you have any questions, please fell free to ask me. Thanks for reading, Hope you like it and find usefull.

Author: Denis Kozhar Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: floor generator corona unreal
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