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Creating lighting for food presentation image.

This scene was made by Kuba Dąbrowski from Evermotion. It is a part of collection Archinteriors vol. 49 which contains 20 studio interiors for 3ds Max and V-Ray. We made this due to our customers request. Good product presentation is not a trivial task. It does not require a lot of models and complicated environments, but achieving great quality in minimalistic rendering settings can be tricky. The key for success is the lighting and framing of a product. This is Scene 19 with some scanned food assets and a couple of mesh lights.



The product seen in viewport. We used natural, 45 degree angle of camera and a bit of assymetry in scattering food assets.



Overview of the scene. You also can see VrayLight settings on the right panel. We used 3 main VrayLights in this scene.



Second VrayLight settings.



Third VrayLight settings.



Camera settings. We used FOV 40mm, shutter speed 1/50 and ISO 450.



We used black planes to limit the lighting and achieve more interesting shadows in the scene.



A table is a simple plane with wood texture.



Render settings.



Final render. All objects come with the studio scene. You canbuy this single scene or  buy entire Archinteriors vol. 49 collection (20 studio interior scenes) from Evermotion Shop.

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