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Making of one of the winning works of Evermotion Challenge 2017.

Hi i am Konstantinos Anninos and i would like to present you my tutorial for the project " Home is wherever i 'm with you" that took the 3rd place in Evermotions competition "Perfect getaway" . First, i would like to thanks Evermotion for the award and to congratulate everyone that took part to the competition! My idea was to present the camping, nature and freedom feeling that i have from my younger years. I looked for a reference i found the renovated vintage airstream from the book " Tin Can homestead" and immediately loved it!



Geometry assets

I always try to focus on material creation, lighting and post work more than modelling work so I start with a basic surrounding modelling and adding assets including the road, surrounding trees, grass etc and in that process i use mainly Archmodels (volumes 66 and 100) , some plants from 3dsky and grass from Daniel Pantelimon but almost in all of them i did changes in the materials to fit my needs..the airstream model is coming from google warehouse but i had to correct the geometry and adding some screws details etc.





Also the bulbs are coming from google warehouse and again i had to make some modelling corrections in order to work better.




The material creation was the fun part, I really enjoyed it! I always try not go very deep in materials and keep them as simple as possible. I will focus to 3 materials for the tutorial, the airstream material, the road material and the wooden floor material.


For the wooden floor material i use a layer with a mask to make it look wet in some areas.



Pretty much i did the same to the road material.



For the airstream material i use a smoke texture for bump and 2 layers with imperfections to make it look more life like.



I use  Corona Camera with basic settings.


For the lighting i used an hdri from hdri heaven because it was matching exactly the mood i had in my mind and also to match better the reference image.



Apart from the main render for the competition, I used also a flashlight version that seems to work really nice to that scene. For that lighting I used a very small light source with very high intensity to mimic the real life flashlight.



Two key things to keep in mind are that the light source needs to be in the same position where the camera is and the flashlight colour should have a slight blue tint.


Since i used Corona Renderer for that project, the settings are the default. The only thing i have to mention here is that i use an LUT (Adanmq_Fuji_Vivid_8543).

Post process

For the post process again i tried to keep it simple as i prefer to make the most into the i use levels, curves, selective colour, colour balance as you can see in the photos:




... also for the people i use one photo i found from and the photographer is Josh Willink.



Pretty much i think i cover the key parts as simple as i could but If you have any other questions please let me know in the comments, thanks!





Raw render



Final image



Final image with flashlight

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Author: Konstantinos Anninos Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: airstream challenge2017
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CMaster11:02:55  |  22-02-2018
Hi Konstantinos congrats on coming 3rd! Would be awesome if you could tell us a bit more in depth on how you did your post. Raw image looks flat but your final looks amazing.
annkos198001:13:08  |  23-02-2018
Thanks a lot CMAster! The depth came mostly from Levels, Curves and adding a bit of Contrast... also i toned the blacks in selective colour tool if that helps you a little bit more. Cheers
anime22222:12:28  |  02-09-2018
Great work
annkos198012:40:08  |  10-09-2018
Thanks anime222!


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