Unreal 4 Lighting Academy - Session 4.1

51Daedalus 2018-01-11 09:43 tutorial  > Unreal Engine  > lighting

This time you will learn how to light ancient ruins "Dark Souls III" Farron Keep scene inside Unreal Engine.

This is a new session of "Lighting Academy". 51Daedalus analyzes the lighting and colors and tries to give more modern look for this game scene by improving lighting.

Environment color and intensity is a legacy feature that works only if there is no Skylight in the scene.
If you have many objects that have unbaked light maps in the scene (and the message in Editor's viewport: "Lighting needs to be rebuilt"), your performance will drop significantly, because Unreal Engine will use dynamic shadows for that objects.

Dynamic shadows: The more distance you have to cover, the more dynamic shadow cascades you need, if you need Dynamic shadows only on close sitances, you can turn Number of Dynamic Shadow Cascades down to gain sme performance.


Author: 51Daedalus Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: lighting unreal ue4
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