Procedural Modeling Of Water Droplets

Entagma 2017-11-30 10:47 tutorial  > Making of  > particles

In this tutorial Manuel discusses a way to distribute water droplets on the surface of another object to make it appear wet and fresh.

00:30 Describing the base scene
02:15 Building the droplet setup
04:30 Setting pscale on the droplets
10:00 Theory: The double cross product
13:30 Implementing the move along surface node
17:30 Correcting for scale
22:20 Flattening the droplets
24:30 VDB Workflow
28:30 Moving the droplets into the surface

Thanks to our supporters on Patreon and a special shout out to Mohammed Al Abri and Joseph Howerton - thanks for truly believing in us!

Project File:

Author: Entagma Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: houdini
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