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Tutorial by Hamed Hosseinpour.

First of all,many thanks to Evermotion for sharing my work and this "making of" here and also thats great honor. The base story of my work started in 2015 with "Castle of my mind" (story of the person that looks into his mind). After that and some consideration from websites & mags, I'm back to that story again. I found some inspiration in nature and started working.

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Inspiration and references.

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In this scene I put the character in the viewport and place the camera. Before I start in 3dsmax I make some sketches.

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I used "rock generator" to create every stone and rock in the scene (just use some FFD for randomize) and used vray proxy for many rocks in the scene.

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My goal was to show greenery and some natural elements. I used some high quality 3d models from Evermotion Archmodels vol. 117, R&D iBushes & itoo Forest Pack grass (every shader is upgraded or recreated for better quality).

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For scattering the trees and plants I used Forest Pack Lite and Advanced Painter (in this free version you cannot scatter over slopes and many objects but I do it manually, by scaling and rotating groups.

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The main part of the scene.

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Wide screen composition.

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Before creating materials, we need to know the color style. You can find many design inspirations in internet. A book that really helped me was "Learning to see creatively: design, color & composition in photography" by Bryan Peterson.

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One of important parts of my work is the lighting setup. I used just one HDRI from Peter Guthrie colection. "0743" for more effective and sharper light, I low "inverse gamma" in HDRI map and the result is great.

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To create the waterfall I just used some planes and textures for faster result. (you can use realflow and some simulating plugin to create real water)

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Rusted metal.

Click on image to enlarge12_evermotion.jpg

I made the water texture from a high resolution image and used with this settings.

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Simple rock material with vray displacement.

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All plants and trees materials are Vray2sidedMtl and all of them have color correction (other shaders are made with simple vray material).

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Render settings.

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Render elements.

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My post-production was made with four parts: render elements + 2d elements + fog and light rays + color and contrast correction. I used vray lighting, reflection, diffuse filter and specular passes and edited background in diffuse filter.

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2d elements.

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Fog and light rays.

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And the final part is adjusting exposure, color correction, contrast, lens blur and unsharp mask.

Click on image to enlarge1_VALLEY_OF_MY_MIND_evermotion.jpg

Final render

Click on image to enlarge2_VALLEY_OF_MY_MIND_SHADED_evermotion.jpg


Click on image to enlarge3_CROPS_evermotion.jpg

Cropped elements.

Click on image to enlarge4_COLOR_SEED_evermotion.jpg

Color seed.
About me:

I'm Hamed Hosseinpour from Iran. I started learning architecture in 2007. My first trials in archviz begun in 2009 and I focused on architectural visualization. I'm making interior and exterior designs and visualizations for past four years and everyday seek for better results.
Author: Hamed Hosseinpour Editor: Michał Franczak
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hseenfx14:53:06  |  31-03-2016
great scene much respect thank you for sharing
Art7714:57:04  |  12-04-2016
great tutorial. thanks hamed and evermotion :)
ali98914:58:43  |  12-04-2016
awesome color mood- thanks hamed
thekapow03:30:08  |  20-04-2016
post production ruined the image, but the 3d process was top notch, final picture is not.
hamid elec15:20:42  |  25-04-2016
great tuts . thanks hamed


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