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Chapter#1: Angles

AXYZ design is releasing a new tutorial series to demonstrate all the benefits of using Metropoly 3d characters in your visualizations. In 8 chapters, they will go from basic tips regarding angles and reflections, to advanced and detailed analysis of the entire workflow, focusing on the principles of using this assets, regardless of the modeling or render engine that you use.

In this first installment they put the light on angles. Maybe a basic concept, but something that might not be clear when it comes to 3d people. Because AXYZ design characters come in a wide range of formats, it’ll focus on techniques you can use with any modelling tool currently on the market.

“A typical way to add people to renders is to place them with Photoshop in the final steps of the image making process. This requires a photo of a person which accurately matches the perspective of the rendered environment. The problem is, if you want to move the camera or rotate a character to a different orientation, you’d need another picture of that person, which is very often not possible.”

To get the most out of your 3d characters and add life to your renders stay tuned for future installments coming soon.

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