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Vegetation Pack for Botaniq vol. 2


Evermotion Vegetation Pack vol. 2 consists of 54 high quality 3d models of Evermotion trees. Evermotion Trees and Vegetation Pack vol. 2 for Blender is compatible with botaniq add-on. The pack consists of 54 trees that come from the best-selling Evermotion Archmodels vol. 176 collection. This asset pack is 100% compatible with botaniq add-on by Polygoniq - the best selling vegetation add-on for Blender. 

You can use this Asset Pack with either commercial version of botaniq or with botaniq FREE.

Features (with botaniq add-on):

  • Spawn assets - Each asset has a rendered preview and can be easily added through our addon.
  • Scatter assets - Quickly populate the selected object with botaniq asset of your choosing, or use the pre-made particle presets. Set density per square meter, and the height of the assets, recalculate if needed.
  • Linked vs. Editable objects - Make your selection editable from right inside your scene so you will be able to edit the assets. You can always convert the asset back to the Linked variant.
  • Randomize variant - Chooses a random variant of each, lets you copy trees around, and then randomize them.
  • Randomize transform - Randomizes rotation and scale of selected botaniq assets, this helps break up clear patterns.
  • Animations - Animate botaniq assets with a single click. You can choose between procedurally generated and looping at 120 frames.
  • Easy to use - The addon comes with a complete GUI so you can take advantage of all the features straight away.


catalog of trees


In the cooperation with Polygoniq we assured that all assets were properly converted and adapted to work flawlessly with botaniq add-on for Blender. For the best user experience we recommend using this product with botaniq FULL plugin - available in Evermotion Shop or FREE version of botaniq plugin available from Gumroad.

Learn how to install and use this pack - CLICK HERE

If you prefer, you can also download Vegetation Pack for Botaniq vol. 2 from BlenderMarket.

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Formats: BLENDER Software: Blender - 3.2 or higher Renderers: Cycles *.blend

Vegetation Pack for Botaniq vol. 2





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