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Forest Bundle vol. 1
Forest Bundle vol. 1


Five collections with over 300 models total (and bonus 3ds Max + V-Ray forest scene). Now you save 25% on the high quality forest models - trees, trunks and stones and make your visualizations more organic and photo-realistic. From city parks to old forest - we provide you a wide range of models that will help you populate your exterior scenes with trees and forest elements.

Forest Bundle vol. 1 consists of:

  • Archmodels vol. 182 - 56 sets of models of branches, trunks, cones and stones - over 100 separate models are included (with textures and materials). We also are giving you a complete forest scene (3DS MAX and V-Ray) that you can see in the promotional video below.

The scans were made in the most ecologic region of Poland, the land of the last natural forest in Europe. All items in this collection were carefully scanned in north-european woods. They are perfect as the secondary elements in your visualizations - they will give a natural look and feel to your exterior shots. These items are suitable not only for creating fleece in the forest, they are also perfect for making natural looking surroundings of trees in your visualizations, for example - they can be great to put some variety to the lawn or rock garden.

  • Archmodels vol. 176 54 high quality trees models with all the textures and materials.
  • Archmodels vol. 17154 high quality trees models (3d scanned) with all the textures and materials. Trees in this collection are animated using point cache files PC2. Every tree has a 125 looped frames of animation in 25FPS. The animation can be easy removed by turning off PC modifier. C4D, OBJ and FBX files are NOT animated.
  • Archmodels vol. 163 54 high quality trees models (3d scanned) with all the textures and materials.
  • Archmodels vol. 154 -  60 highly detailed 3d models of trees for architectural visualizations. 


obj - simple object without textures and materials (with mapping included)
fbx - simple object without materials (with mapping and textures included)

*.max - 2011 or higher
Cinema 4D - R17

Mental Ray *.max - with textures and shaders
VRAYforC4D - 1.9 (not compatible with V-Ray 5 for C4D)
V-Ray *.max - 3.0 or higher
Advanced Render *.c4d

Forest Bundle vol. 1



Forest Bundle vol. 1 - five collections with over 300 models and a forest scene now 25% off!



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