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Archinteriors vol. 62
Archinteriors vol. 62


Archinteriors vol. 62 collection includes 10 professional, high quality scenes for architectural visualizations. This collection comes with Japandi style home interiors of living rooms and kitchens. All scenes are filled with furniture and props, handmade with a great attention to details. You can use them as a base for your visualizations or as a model resource for your projects.

NEW IN THIS COLLECTION: each scene is prepared in two versions - with day and night lighting. Day version files are prepared for V-ray 3 and 5 (they give a little different renders) with 3dsmax. Night version files are prepared only for V-ray 5 with 3dsmax.

IMPORTANT: to use the night/day presets you have to open the *night.max scene and load the vfbl preset in the light mixer.



  • Browse PDF catalogue
  • Presented scenes were rendered in V-ray with 3dsmax.
  • All scenes and models included.
  • OBJ and FBX formats included.
  • 32 GB RAM is strongly recommended to use this collection

The files are packed into 7zip format, you need to follow these steps to extract them properly:
1. Download all files to one folder
2. Use WinRAR or 7-zip for unpacking.
3. Unpack only the first file from each archive (the file with .001 extension). The rest of the files will be unpacked automatically.

obj - object with standard materials and UV mapping
fbx - object with standard materials, textures and UV mapping

*.max - 2018 or higher

V-Ray *.max - 3.0 or higher
V-Ray *.max - 5.0

Archinteriors vol. 62




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