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Archexteriors vol. 39

Archexteriors vol. 39 includes 10 fully textured exterior scenes of suburban houses with their surrondings. There are many high quality plants models and precisely set lighting in every scene. Each exterior is prepared in two versions - with day and night lighting. All scenes come with textures and materials and are ready to render with 3ds Max and V-ray. 

Save your time and use our scenes as a base for your visualizations or as a model resource for your projects.

  • Scenes are compatible with V-ray 5 and 3dsmax 2017 (or higher).
  • Scenes are saved in two versions, one with vray proxy (only usable with V-ray and 3dsmax) and one with Forest Pack setup (Forest Pack plugin needed).
  • Browse PDF catalogue
  • Recommended system specification: Intel i7 PC with 32 GB of ram and 64bit system 

The files are packed into 7zip format, you need to follow these steps to extract them properly:
1. Download all files to one folder
2. Use WinRAR or 7-zip for unpacking.
3. Unpack only the first file from each archive (the file with .001 extension). The rest of the files will be unpacked automatically.

Archexteriors vol. 39 is a comprehensive collection designed to enhance architectural visualizations with detailed 3d exterior scenes setups. Each ten scene features fully textured suburban house models that blend seamlessly with their meticulously designed surroundings. The inclusion of high-quality plant models adds a realistic touch, making these scenes not just visually appealing but also botanically accurate.

What sets this volume apart is its flexibility in lighting. Users can choose between day and night versions, allowing for dynamic representations that suit various times and moods. This adaptability ensures that whether your project needs a bright, sunny day to highlight architectural details or a moody, moonlit ambiance, Archexteriors vol. 39 provides the perfect backdrop.

Archexteriors vol. 39 is not just about its stunning scenes but also its practicality. The exterior 3d scenes are designed for ease of use in professional workflows. It is compatible with V-ray 5 and 3ds Max 2017 or higher, ensuring that the scenes integrate smoothly into existing projects without requiring extensive adjustments. This compatibility and ease of use make it a practical choice for architects, visualizers, and CG artists, saving them valuable time and effort in their projects.

For those looking to expand their resource libraries, Archexteriors vol. 39 is the ideal choice. The 3D exterior scene download process is streamlined for user-friendliness. Provided in 7zip format, the files can be easily unpacked using standard tools like WinRAR or 7-zip, with a simple process to ensure all components are correctly extracted and ready to use.

This collection is not just a tool but a resource. Ideal for architects, visualizers, and CG artists, it allows you to save valuable time in both the planning and execution phases of your projects. Use these scenes as foundational elements to build upon or as high-detail assets to enhance your 3D house-building designs. Each model is crafted to meet high standards, ensuring the results are beautiful and technically precise.

For online purchases, our platform offers an array of 3d models online that complement the scenes in Archexteriors vol. 39. These models are compatible with a variety of rendering software and are perfect for users looking to populate their scenes with unique, professionally crafted objects. Our online store ensures that all models are just a few clicks away, providing instant access to a vast repository of CG assets that can elevate any project.

Archexteriors vol. 39 remains a vital resource for anyone involved in architectural visualization. With its ready-to-render scenes, comprehensive texturing, and versatile lighting options, it is an essential tool for creating high-quality exterior visualizations efficiently and effectively. Whether as a standalone project base or an enhancement to existing designs, this collection delivers quality and convenience in one package.

Formats: max Software: *.max - 2017 or higher Renderers: V-Ray *.max - 5.0

Day and night exteriors

Archexteriors vol. 39




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