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ChaosGroup_V_Ray_logo_296x77.jpgChaos Group is a leading provider of innovative rendering solutions for the media, entertainment, and design industries. For over a decade our flagship rendering software, V-Ray®, has set the standard for speed, quality, reliability and ease of use, and it has become the rendering engine of choice for renowned international studios. We work closely with our customers from around the world to ensure we’re creating the best tools for their workflow. Inspired by their imaginative creations, we passionately pursue advances in rendering technology and continue to improve the software needed to communicate their vision.
We proudly support the 3D community with our advanced software solutions: V-Ray® for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Maya®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Softimage®, V-Ray® for Rhino®, V-Ray® for SketchUp®, Phoenix FD and Pdplayer.

e_on_logo_mf_240.pngE-on software is the leading developer of solutions for the creation, animation, rendering and integration of natural 3D environments (Vue, Ozone, Carbon Scatter and Plant Factory), as well as real-time immersive visualization tools for Architecture and GeoDesign (LumenRT). Offering a wide array of Digital Nature products and applications, e-on software provides solutions adapted to every project and budget. E-on software products are used worldwide by the film, television, architecture, game, science, educational and entertainment industries.
E-on software products were used in feature films such as as as "Epic", "Hunger Games", "Upside Down", "Hugo", "Tintin", "Thor", "Avatar", "The Croods", "Clash of the Titans", "Despicable Me 1 & 2", "Ice Age 4",  "2012", "GI Joe", "Terminator 4, "Benjamin Button", "Indiana Jones 4", and TV series such as "Spartacus", "Smallville", "Battlestar Gallactica", "Caprica", "Stargate", and more. Visit their website at http://www.e-onsoftware.com.

fox_mf_240.pngFox Renderfarm. Imagine how fast rendering can be with over 2000 nodes? With the largest size of workstations in Asia and 24*7 professional and dedicated render service, Fox Renderfarm, the strategic V-Ray partner enjoys the widest range of use in the globe for CG animation, VFX, architectural design, advertising and game scene etc.
The “Self-service Cloud Render” service launched in April 2010 makes high-cost render pretty easy to process with much lower budget. Supporting mostly used 3D applications and render engines, Fox Renderfarm, a leading and energetic team which has successfully rendered numerous 3D movies, owns mature teams for large projects and cooperative relationships with renowned companies on a global scale.

icube_mf_240.pngiCube R&D Group brings together leading  Russian 3d visualisation companies to develop and provide cutting edge and affordable tools for 3D visualisation industry. Our team is made up of highly qualified programmers and 3d artists who work together to bring 3d visualization into a new level. Our recent developments include VRayScatter for Maya, AutoWrinkles, MultiScatter, MadCar, CityTraffic, VRayPattern and SplineLand.

maxon_logo_mf_240.pngMAXON Computer GmbH is a developer for 3D graphics software, offering professional 3D modeling, painting, animation, and rendering solutions.
MAXON's product line is centered around its core applications CINEMA 4D, a leading animation package for media production, and BodyPaint 3D, its pioneering 3D painting package. These award-winning applications are renowned for their ease of use, quick workflow, fast rendering and unmatched integration into leading compositing applications, such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro or Apple Motion. CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D have been used extensively in the advertising, film, television, science, architecture, design and other industries.
MAXON Computer was founded in 1986, and has offices in Germany, USA, United Kingdom, France and Japan. MAXON products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. For additional information on MAXON visit www.maxon.net
MAXON Computer GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 20
D-61381 Friedrichsdorf
Phone: +49 (0) 6172 / 59 06 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6172 / 59 06 30
Email: info@maxon.de

digital_tutors_mf_240.pngDigital-Tutors helps artists all around the world learn to make movies, games and digital art with the world's largest CG and VFX training library. With over 1,300 courses and new training every week, Digital-Tutors provides content on over 50 of the most popular creative applications. Visit www.digitaltutors.com and see how you can learn with proven training from industry professionals.

nvidia_logo_mf_240.pngNVIDIA awakened the world to computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999. From our roots in visual computing, we’ve expanded into super, mobile and cloud computing.  NVIDIA's mobile processors are used in smartphones, tablets and auto infotainment systems. PC gamers rely on GPUs to enjoy spectacularly immersive worlds. Professionals use them to create visual effects in movies and design everything from golf clubs to jumbo jets. And researchers utilize GPUs to advance the frontiers of science with high-performance computers.     

randomcontrol.jpgRandomControl is a team of people who share a passion for computer graphics, 3D technology, and real-time applications. In fact, the core of the R&D team is made of engineers with a life-long relationship with the world of coding and visualization.
As a result of this passion and experience, we are the creators of Arion, our flagship rendering technology. RandomControl is a spanish company located in Madrid.

Sky_hdri_240x65_003.pngsky-HDRi.net offers the possibility to use high quality physically correct sky textures for 3D-artists. HDR-lighting method is getting more popular among 3D-artists, since it has a lots of advantages when using standard light source with common parameters of color data and light power. Objects of your scene will be given correct light depends on atmosphere of sky texture. If panorama is cloudy then objects and reflections will correspond to that by imitating the atmosphere. To change a mood or time of a day just change HDRi map from sunny day with bright light and clear dark shadows to sunset evening with smooth pinkish-blue shade. That's because  panorama is the source of light and reflection. High quality (10000 px wide 32-bit) panorama contains rich information about light power and color data. Opened clear sun will give very brightly light and clear shadows, but covered by a cloud sun will be less bright, and shadows will be fuzzy.

vray_art_mf_240.PNGVRayART LTD is an "Architectural Visualization Online School" that stands behind VRay Live Trainings, Webinars, Workshops and Apps. Was established in 2009 and since then we have created over a thousands of different LIVE and self-learning applications, including games, presentations, websites, 3D Arch. Vis., medical and Hi-Tech simulations. Our trainers stand in the front lines of future developments and teach the most effective CGI techniques for creating photorealistic 3D renders. By joining our forces we create high end applications at a superior quality standards that leads fresh 3D artists in to the bright future. Our main goal is to provide our clients with outstanding performance of communication and entertainment. Thank you very much for visiting us, and please don’t forget to comeback and check for the new updates.

vray_for_c4d.pngLAUBlab is the creator of VRAYforC4D. V-Ray today is one of highest quality render tools available for production. It is widely used by professional CG artists and visualizations firms worldwide. Its proven, beautiful and super realistic image quality, at unsurpassed render speed, attracts many users from all areas. VRAYforC4D is the Cinema4D native incarnation of this great engine. It enables you to use V-Ray directly within Cinema4D using the typical C4D like workflow. VRAYforC4D is developed by Cinema4D users for Cinema4D users. Its good, its fast, its stable!

solidrocks_mf_240.pngSubburb (Jerome Prevost) is focused on producing 3D architectural contests visualizations. It also created the popular SolidRocks plugin, A Vray Majordome wich affects all Vray settings to achieve a perfect render in no time.


Untitled_slider_00006.jpgThe Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens synthesizes in 232 pages limited edition book the art and philosophy behind Alex Roman’s “T&S” shortfilm. After more than one year work, Alex can finally bring this unique piece of art that combines 120+ beautifully hi-res CG prints with thoughts, procedures, theoretical principles and his own personal preferences after many years of trial and error condensed into 6 different chapters.   From the initial planning and modeling stage through to the render and post-production stage, touching upon key themes such as lighting and the virtual
creation of vegetation. The so-called practical part of the book is based 100% on the VRay rendering engine inside 3dsMax.

About the author: Born Jorge Seva in 1979, he adopted “Alex Roman” name as an artistic alias for publishing commercial work. After being trained in traditional painting at a few academies, he discovered this other world called CG. With his shortfilm "The Third & The Seventh" - which received numberless acknowledgments and awards worldwide-, it opened a new whole world of film/advertising opportunities. Leaving behind the architectural years, Alex won a Cannes Film Craft Gold Lion in the year 2011 for the Silestone brand commercial: “Above everything else” - both showcased and awarded in Evermotion. In the year 2011 he also supervised more than 20 vfx shots for the acclaimed David Fincher’s feature “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Alex’s work has been featured in Motionographer, FilmPro magazine, Filmnosis and FXGuide among others.

Media coverage:

cgrecord_240.pngCG Record - Coputer Graphics online Newspaper



Untitled_slider_00005_1.jpg V-Ray Workshop group.