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Evermotion Challenge 2013 - Future Home design

UPDATE: Challenge 2013 submissions are closed. We will post the results on 29th of October! :) BIG thanks  for all artists that participated in this contest! :) You rock!


Check list of attendants that sent final entries.

What will the future bring? Will we live in sci-fi buildings, prepare food in fully-automated kitchen or rather hide from radiation in Fallout-style bunkers and ride Mad Max scrap-bikes on Nevada desert? Will we have our homes on the other planets? Or maybe it will be something completely different? Decision belongs to You! Join Evermotion Challenge 2013 and design your future home using 3d software.

What's in it for me?

Join Evermotion Challenge 2013, show Your work to the CG community and employers from all the world. The prizes worth reaches 10 000 euro and you can win the best software and hardware for cg artist! The end of contest is on 22nd of October.

1st place - 6775€ in prizes:

  • Nvidia GTX Titan card (765€)
  • MAXON – CINEMA 4D Visualize R15. Maxon offers the equivalent of the value of the product if the winner is already an owner of CINEMA 4D! (1500€)
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (signed by author!) (99€)
  • VrayforC4D (790€)
  • FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 500€
  • Digital-Tutors annual subscription (300€)
  • LumenRT 4 Studio (613€)
  • RandomControl LIVE for MAX – full licence (595€)
  • MultiScatter (200€)
  • MadCar (200€)
  • Solidrocks (75€)
  • SKY HDRi Bundle 03 + SKY HDRi Bundle 02 + SKY HDRi Bundle 01 (178€)
  • Premium VRay Interior Workshop + Premium Vray Webinar Pack (340€)
  • 600€ coupon for Evermotion Products
  • PREMIUM PORTFOLIO ACCOUNT on evermotion.org (20€)
  • Evermotion gadgets: cup, T-shirt, notebook

2nd place - 3364€ in prizes

  • V-ray + dongle (1000€)
  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (signed by author!) (99€)
  • FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 300€
  • Digital-Tutors semi annual subscription (170€)
  • Carbon Scatter 2 + Carbon Botanica (227€)
  • MultiScatter (200€)
  • MadCar (200€)
  • Solidrocks (75€)
  • Arion 2 (195€)
  • SKY HDRi Bundle 03 + SKY HDRi Bundle 02 + SKY HDRi Bundle 01 (178€)
  • Premium VRay Interior Workshop + Premium Vray Webinar Pack (340€)
  • 360€ coupon for Evermotion Products
  • PREMIUM PORTFOLIO ACCOUNT on evermotion.org (20€)
  • Evermotion gadgets: cup, T-shirt, notebook

3rd place - 1939€ in prizes

  • "The Third and The Seventh: From Bits to the Lens" book by Alex Roman (signed by author!) (99€)
  • FOX Renderfarm rendering credits for 200€
  • Digital-Tutors one month's access (35€)
  • Carbon Scatter 2 + Carbon Botanica (227€)
  • MultiScatter (200€)
  • SplineLand (130€)
  • Solidrocks (75€)
  • Arion 2 (195€)
  • SKY HDRi Bundle 03 + SKY HDRi Bundle 02 + SKY HDRi Bundle 01 (178€)
  • Premium VRay Interior Workshop + Premium Vray Webinar Pack (340€)
  • 240€ coupon for Evermotion Products
  • PREMIUM PORTFOLIO ACCOUNT on evermotion.org (20€)
  • Evermotion gadgets: cup, T-shirt, notebook

Every participant gets 50$ credits for Fox Renderfarm

  • Fox Renderfarm supply 50$ rendering credits for every participant of Evermotion Challenge! Every participant will get one coupon code to recharge the 50$ rendering credits at Fox Renderfarm. Rules at the end of this article.

What work should I submit?

The theme of the contest is to create a visual representation showing the home of the future. It can be both inside and outside the house, as well as an item of home furnishing. In the contest will be judged both idea and execution of the project.  Unleash your imagination and create a home of the future!

I'm in! How to apply?

You need to register and make a new thread in this forum thread: Evermotion Challenge 2013 - Future Home Design. First you need only to claim your access, but until Evermotion Challenge ends (22nd of October), you will have to post a few "Work in Progress" renders and the final work.

What tools can I use?

Work must be genereted in 3d software. You can use every 3D software you want, post processing inside Photoshop or other 2D software is allowed. Don't forget to write about software You used.

Oh boy! Can I have two?

Multiple entries are not allowed but you can post up to three different camera angles for one scene (closeups for example).

And last but not least...

The work you submit to this Challenge must be your own personal work, groups and companies are not allowed. You can use ready-made 3d models or textures, but You have to give credits for people / companies that have made them. Final submission resolution should be not lower than 1200px (the longest edge).

Show Your skill to the world! Good luck!
Evermotion Team

*Jury: PENdzel – Krzysztof M. Kundzicz, Barbara Witkowska, Jakub Dabrowski, Michal Horba

Rules of use the Fox Renderfarm Coupon Code:

  • login here: http://www3.foxrenderfarm.com/register!in.action
  • fill in the blank space after "Referrer" with coupon code: 60006
  • one participant can use the coupon code only once
  • code is valid only during the competition time
  • the $50 rendering credits can be only used for rendering at Fox renderfarm, and it can be used at anytime if you recharged suceessfully with the coupon code.


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galeb 16:43:19  |  03-09-2013
I didn't see any deadlines set for submitting entries? Is there any?
dr_After 16:54:29  |  03-09-2013
galeb: contest ends 22nd of october. We added this info to page, thanks for noticing.
MAD3D 18:25:18  |  03-09-2013
Thanx 4 The new Oppertunity
snake20raph 02:36:57  |  04-09-2013
Nice challenge. Good luck !
arch515 11:39:26  |  05-09-2013
sounds interesting .. how much one job can have shots? only 3?
martta 10:29:47  |  06-09-2013
arch515 - yes, you can post up to 3 different shots
rinzantony 20:38:06  |  06-09-2013
What is the minimum numbers of render shots?
martta 14:33:52  |  10-09-2013
rinzantony - final render can have only 1 shot, but you must post also work in progress images
Eva Tham 16:51:34  |  10-09-2013
okmijun 01:21:44  |  11-09-2013
confused....finaly, final render is one or three render shot? .... or 3 images merged into one?
martta 09:00:01  |  11-09-2013
okmijun, you don't have to post 3 different shots for final render, you can post only one. If you want you can post more (up to 3)
a.boeglin67 10:30:45  |  11-09-2013
A little question, here is a statement from the brief : "It can be both inside and outside the house" Does it mean that we can present an exterior shot ? ( which might rather be an urban shot and not an interior at all )
martta 13:42:26  |  11-09-2013
a.boeglin67, you can present an exterior shot
mikutzu2006 21:19:09  |  11-09-2013
If i choose to make an exterior shot, aproximately how much percent of the image does the building has to be?
omarsuko 04:13:45  |  13-09-2013
muy interesante manos a la obra
dr_After 15:10:11  |  16-09-2013
mikutzu2006 - as much as you want :)
gaze1ne 00:15:05  |  03-10-2013
Any suggestions how far in the future? This might be important to know, since the possibilities of architecture might not change too rapidly, though...
carlkeinv 07:13:10  |  04-10-2013
is Philippines included in this contest?
martta 08:26:26  |  04-10-2013
gaze1ne - it is up to you the time in the future, carlkeinv - challenge is open for all participants, there is no country limitation
daniel_raziel 13:57:45  |  05-10-2013
cool! I'm in! thanks for giving this interesting opportunity to us! so what's the deadline for us? end of 23th october?
daniel_raziel 14:09:04  |  05-10-2013
and one more question! can we send both exterior AND interior renders? (up to three)
metroid2012 23:16:20  |  05-10-2013
amazing.i'll be there
yasmax 10:33:47  |  09-10-2013
wow!! i`m started!!
Arq. Sosa 20:14:08  |  09-10-2013
where they send or publish the file?
martta 15:58:44  |  11-10-2013
daniel_raziel - if it is the same project, you can post the interior and exterior, deadline is in the end of 22nd of October
VLADMIGUEL 08:00:42  |  20-10-2013
amrart20 14:17:21  |  21-10-2013
I uploaded my work to a portfolio but I desperately could not open a new threat on the forum.
Klark 17:29:05  |  21-10-2013
When we receive result of contest? and final work i must publish in my WIP topic?
Danniel_mx 23:23:23  |  21-10-2013
Hello, extend the deadline? after October 22?
sheqo2500 07:38:36  |  22-10-2013
Dear Evermotion Team , Can the Dead line be extended at least for 2 more days :) , my concept is finished but still have to add a few elements
detarenji 16:20:25  |  22-10-2013
deshu 01:18:31  |  23-10-2013
Hmm, I wonder if projects published before, not made particularly for this challenge, are eligible to be part of challenge?
Ametist 16:19:21  |  23-10-2013
Hi Evermotion, Wasn`t deadline till 31st of October at the start? I was sure I still have few days for render. Can I finish my entry please?
martta 09:26:03  |  24-10-2013
deshu - there is a rule about it: "Your work can not be published outside the dedicated forum during the Challenge, you can link to it if you like. Hosting final entries on other servers than Evermotion is allowed after the end of the competiton."
martta 09:31:39  |  24-10-2013
Ametist - the deadline was 22nd of October from the beginning
deshu 01:48:59  |  27-10-2013
martta - thanks for answer. So one of the best works posted is out of competition, sadly.