Evermotion Challenge 2022

We invite you to join Evermotion Challenge 2022!

This year, we have decided to change the rules of our annual competition. The biggest change is the resignation from suggesting the topic to the contestants.You can submit your works made entirely by you in four categories:

  • The best commercial render
  • The best non-commercial render
  • The best animation
  • The best new, previously unpublished work

We  accept only works created after 1st of January 2022!

Deadline for submitting your final work is 4th of December, 2022.

Join Evermotion Challenge 2022 by using "Submit" page on Evermotion Challenge 2022 subpage or by clicking here.

Each of the four winners will receive:

  • Chaos Group - 1 V-ray Premium License (634€)
  • Gnomon Workshop  Subscription for 12 months (490€)
  • Fox Renderfarm Render Points (450€)
  • Rebusfarm  - 400 Render Points (400€)
  • Corona Renderer - one year Corona Render licence (280€)
  • TopoGun license
  • Marmoset Toolbag - Yearly Individual License of Marmoset Toolbag 4 (159,99$)
  • Evermotion - 500€
  • Evermotion - 3 collections of winner's choice
  • VWArtclub - VWArtClub account for one year (180€)
  • NAG ALL Pro lifetime active license (€99)

This year your works will be judged by:


Vasilis Koutlis - Designer / 3D Photographer - The instigator of both xDream3D and VWArtclub was born in Athens, in 1979. He studied furniture design and decoration. He began his occupation with 3D art in 2002 and in 2007 the idea of xDream3D was born. He managed to acquire partners from all over the world and various collaborators trust him with their ideas as he rewards them with detailed designs. Not a moment goes by without him thinking of a beautiful image, thus he is never concerned with time but only with the design’s quality.


square_Untitled_02101.jpgHrvoje Cop - Polymachine - (commonly known as Chopmeister) is a 3D artist, obsessive tinkerer and the CTO of Polymachine, an archviz studio from Zagreb, Croatia. In the archviz business since the early 2000s, he enjoys discovering new ways to solve technical problems, and is addicted to most things that feature LEDs and buttons.         




Michał Horba (Evermotion) - Degree in architecture and urban planning mixed with passion for 3d - during my university times I discovered the most fun part for me was making the project look great. And so my journey began. Ten years of experience as 3d generalist shows that my main interests are architecture illustrations and material making. I am responsible for some of Evermotion's crazy scenes as well. It is a honor for me to be here, have fun!



Register now, you can submit your work at any time till 4th of December 2022 till 23:59 (GMT +1).

Join Evermotion Challenge 2022! 

Good luck!

Evermotion Team

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