LuxRender v1.5RC1 release

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Now even 10 times faster.

Visual outlook of the new features: major speed improvements, volume precedence, new materials and textures, volume emission, strands, better integration in Blender and 3DSMax to name just a few. Paolo, Reality plugin author, has experimented more than 10x speed improvements with the new rendering modes:

If you find any issue please report them in the forum or in our bug tracker.

You can download packaged builds from download area or get the source from mercurial repositories:

LuxCore new features since v1.4:

  • OpenCL micro kernels for improved performance and reduced pressure on OpenCL compilers
  • OpenCL tweaks suggested by nVidia to improve performance (general commonly accepted tweaks not specific to nVidia hardware)
  • new biased path render engine with more tuning knobs to trade between render speed and render accuracy
  • integration of Intel Embree technology for faster triangle intersection
  • vertex color interpolation for area lights
  • adaptive tile rendering with automatic stop condition
  • auto-linear tonemapping support
  • new irradiance pass with optional contour lines for lighting studies
  • accelerated Blender mesh convertion
  • add camera response support, metal2 fresnel parameter, blender procedurals in the built-in lxs parser
  • improved OpenCL Sobol sampler
  • new substract, blackbody, irregulardata, lampspectrum, fresnel (color, luxpop, sopra, preset), pointiness textures
  • image storage improvement to reduce memory pressure with large textures
  • new glossycoating material
  • new orthogonal camera
  • new volumetric cloud texture to simulate realistic clouds in the sky
  • add various interpolation modes to the band texture
  • new strand shape support
  • fixes to mix material
  • fixes to volumes
  • fixes to glass materials
  • fixes to lights handling
  • fixes to motion blur in OpenCL
  • remove hybrid CPU/GPU render engines

LuxRender new features since v1.4:

  • add new LuxCore features to the luxcore render engine
  • easier build on OSX and Windows
  • fix imagemap texture alignment (1 pixel offset in some circumstances)

LuxBlend new features since v1.4 (LuxCore API unless otherwise specified):

  • proxy support
  • alpha transparency support
  • improved real time material preview (correct mix material, volumes, ... support)
  • light groups support
  • support for camera clipping planes
  • add support for hitpoint data textures
  • lots of improvements to the real time scene preview and editing
  • lots of UI improvements for consistency and robustness (a huge refactor of the code has been done for that)
  • improved imagemap handling
  • improved volumes texturing
  • improved motion blur support
  • add color ramps support
  • add particles motion blur support
  • fix visibility handling
  • fix camera shift support
  • add support for new LuxCore features (textures, materials, cameras, volumes, ...)
  • fix border rendering
  • add support for volume emission

Official LuxRender 1.5 RC official annoucement.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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