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Archinteriors and Archmodels for Unreal Engine!

Evermotion 2015-05-25 11:36 article  > Software

You can pre-order them now in Evermotion Shop.

We are proud to announce our first collections for Unreal Engine 4: Archinteriors for UE vol. 1 and Archmodels for UE vol. 1. You can pre-order them now as Unreal Engine bundle in Evermotion Shop.

Evermotion collections for Unreal Engine give another dimension for architectural visualizations. You can not only present still images or pre-rendered animations, but also you can include interactivity in your scenes. Walk freely, look at your interiors and exteriors from every angle, change colors and lighting and still maintain photorealistic quality.

PRE-ORDER Unreal Engine Bundle (Archinteriors for UE vol.1 + Archmodels for UE vol. 1) in Evermotion Shop for €130.

Offer is valid till 9th of June 2015.

Unreal Engine Bundle contains of two collections:

  • Archinteriors for UE vol. 1 (5 interior scenes)
  • Archmodels for UE vol. 1 (over 100 models)

They are available to preorder as a Unreal Engine Bundle in great price - only €130. They will be available separately after 9th of June 2015 - Archinteriors for UE vol. 1 for €120. Archmodels for UE vol. 1 will be available separately for €60.

Archinteriors for UE vol. 1 walktrough:

Archinteriors for UE vol. 1 - see the scenes:

Click on image to enlarge nr_001_007_079.jpg

Scene 1 - Loft - home


Click on image to enlarge nr_002_005_080.jpg

Scene 2 - villa


Click on image to enlarge nr_002_008_083.jpg

Scene 2 - villa


Click on image to enlarge nr_002_007_082.jpg

Scene 2 - villa


Click on image to enlarge nr_002_006_081.jpg

Scene 2 - villa


Click on image to enlarge nr_002_009_084.jpg

Scene 2 - villa


Click on image to enlarge nr_003_002_085.jpg

Scene 3 - office


Click on image to enlarge nr_003_005_086.jpg

Scene 3 - office


Click on image to enlarge nr_004_002_090.jpg

Scene 4 - home


Click on image to enlarge nr_004_003_091.jpg

Scene 4 - home


Click on image to enlarge nr_005_003_087.jpg

Scene 5 - office


Click on image to enlarge nr_005_004_088.jpg

Scene 5 - office


Archmodels for UE vol. 1 - over 100 3d models optimized for Unreal Engine 4

Click on image to enlarge nr__OKLD_001_zbiorcza_092.jpg

Archmodels for UE vol. 1. All models are in one asset - a single Unreal Engine scene, ready to migrate to your Unreal projects.

Pre-order this collection in Unreal Engine Bundle (Archinteriors for UE vol. 1 and Archmodels for UE vol. 1) for €130.

This is  our first collection of Archmodels for Unreal Engine. It consists of over 100 modular furniture models. All models are placed in one asset - a single Unreal Engine scene, they are ready to migrate to your Unreal projects. We prepared a short video that explains migrating assets between Unreal projects.

Technical requirements:

Archinteriors for UE vol. 1 are carefully optimized and should work well on typical up-to-date PCs. The most important factor for fluid operation is your graphics card speed. Minimum reqirement is Geforce GTX 460, 4-core CPU and 2 GB of RAM. Recommended specifications: Geforce GTX 660, 4-core CPU and 4GB of RAM.

You don't have Unreal Engine yet? You can download it for free. Download Unreal Engine 4 for free.

You don't know how to use Unreal Engine in your visualizations?

Author: Evermotion Editor: Evermotion
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philip kelly13:20:03  |  26-05-2015
Very good move, that were your money rests in the future.
fco3d19:53:39  |  27-05-2015
This is such a great idea Evermotion, please keep up. This will really help to speed up workflow one the real-time industry!.
Aljosja8403:25:42  |  28-05-2015
Yes. Yes! Yes Sir! I was hoping you guy would take UE$ seriously as an archviz egine. And I've been meaning to ask you guys for a loooong timeif you'd ever consider offering assets for UE4 (game engine ready atleast(), and here we are. Please, -please- keep this up!
oms12:08:41  |  28-05-2015
This is a good step into Game industry maker
sweatlmousy21:33:05  |  18-06-2015
Yeah! Brilliant! Thanks a lot :D
hzrx19:21:19  |  19-06-2015
I just bought the package and it looks really great. But I am currently running a re-bake for the lightmaps due to changing some things and I am still at 0% on the lightmap bake after 20 minutes. Using your lightmass ini file for it and I am really wondering what might be the problem here... Did you bake the lightmaps inside UE4 or with an outside renderer somehow? The contact shadows etc look so smooth its hard to imagine that those were baked in the engine.
pacobastida12:37:56  |  06-08-2015
Hello! Is this compatible with Unity? thank you
hamkoo04:37:11  |  13-08-2015
I bought it, but the package downloaded is not right. There is no any *.uproject file. How can i get the right content?
dr_After11:38:11  |  28-08-2015
@hamkoo: contact support by choosing "CONTACT" from the top menu. We assure you that there are all files that are necesarry, we'lll sort it out :).
  • ul. Przedzalniana 8, 15-688 Bialystok, POLAND