NOX 0.43 released

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Can NOX be faster? Yes, it can. In fact - it can render up to 90 percent faster (acceleration depends on the scene). Machines with Win7 64bit or higher can benefit from new engine which is now integrated in NOX.

NOX 0.43 features:

  • Added User Presets for postprocess settings: this feature comes with version 0.43. User presets is a user defined collection of presets for render postprocessing. It allows to create multiple settings and fast navigate between them. We added new menu for this purpose. Also loading/saving preset was moved here from Scene menu. Each preset saves: Layers, Post, Correction, Fake DOF, Effects.
  • Intel's Embree geometry engine connected, works only on x64 Win7 and later systems + Added Matte Shadow option in NOX Material. Discuss Embree on NOX forum. MAtte Shadow is in quite experimental state for now. A few conditions has to be fulfilled, however situations for its usage should often meet those conditions.
    - it works only with Path Tracing engine.
    - does not work with skyportals
    - works with environment texture as base, optional sun can be added.
    Usage: simply turn on matte shadow option in material editor. Also careful setting for environment texture is recommended. Because this trick is quite a hack for light evaluation, you have to set correct environment texture power before rendering. Tweaking blend layer corrections will not help, if you set it wrong before rendering. Discuss Matte Shadow here.
  • Blender: rendering with no applied modifiers works now with particle objects.
  • Material Editor: fixed behavior of setting reflection colors and link checkbox.
  • Material Editor: close window button works as Cancel button.
  • Bugfixes: autorefresh controls and average samples counter value fixed.

The latest build - 0.43 is ready to download here:

Author: Marchewa Editor: Michal Franczak
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zipper19:44:41  |  25-03-2014
looks like corona started huge embree implementing spree among renderers :)
swingsoneto18:38:59  |  23-04-2014
90%! Crazy! I very much like NOX, but I don't like waiting :) I'm anxious to check this out.


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