NOX updated to version 0.3.54

Marchewa 2013-08-28 15:44 article  > NOX

New feature - anisotropy

Main change in this update is support of anisotropy. Anisotropy in materials works as in other renderers. You can set amount of anisotropy: more value will make reflection less rough in given direction. That direction is evaluated on UV coordinates or (if object has no UV) from global axis. It also can be modified by setting angle. Both of those settings can use a texture. Notice that angle value and value from texture will be summed. You should use gamma value 1.0 for those texture channels.

Other changes:

  • picking textures from loaded list
  • script for 3ds Max that converts Mental Ray scene to NOX scene (converted stuff: ArchDesign materials with part of texture channels, portals, daylight system)
  •  old version of Metropolis Light Transport reconnected to geometry engine, however it does not support many features (portals, ies, motion blur, sss) and simply sucks. Not recommended.
  • camera perspective correction
  • bucket rendering
  • in Path Tracing removed manual setting of reflection chance, added number of GI reflections and direct lighting candidates per one pixel sample
  • Fog and Aerial Perspective as Final post-process, check this thread
  • NOX Benchmark is ready but will be released some time later

Also whole code migration to Visual Studio 2012. For crashes check redistributables (or use those in installer):

Unfortunately that migration made 3ds Max plugin conflict with other plugin. You may backup and remove file 3dsmaxdir\bin\assemblies\Autodesk.Max.Wrappers.dll to remove startup warning.

Script for Blender was tested on version 2.67b (build 57141) from official site.

Author: Marchewa Editor: dr_After
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