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We would like to introduce George Kosstrin for our community.

Can you write a few sentences about yourself?

My name is George Kosstrin Director/Partner of Progressive Technologies Ltd. I was born in New York but now I live in Cyprus. I chose Cyprus because I am American/Cypriot. After growing up in the US, personal reasons brought me to Cyprus. I have been there for 8 years, and I love it! I am 33 years old and have a business background. I worked in the stock market in New York through University and after. I started in 3d Architecture about 4 years ago.

So you are back to your roots. Is your company better expanding here in European Union?

Being part of the EU is a great for Cyprus, and yes, I think it will expand our business. We have already recently acquired new business from UK/Ireland and Bulgaria.

Can you describe how your company grew? Were there some turning points in history of your company?

Progressive Technologies started about 6 years ago as a web design company. One day a customer came to do a website for his company. It was a land developing company (real estate). When we sat down to discuss his website, he showed me some 3d images and a virtual tour. Later that day I showed it for my partner, and we agreed, that this is what we want to do. So, one of our employees had 3d max and basic knowledge about 3d images. We started really slow, doing only a few projects and learning. It's been about 3.5 years ago, and in that time we have made over 700 Projects. Now we have a very talented 6 people team - i think better, 6 CG artists. We also have a web designer, graphic designer, and programmer. 6 years ago there was only me and my partner, and now we have 13 people staff. Now 90% of our business is in 3d architectural visualizations. We love what we do...

We heard that you have a Polish team. What made you to choose our country for looking 3d specialists ?

Yes, all Polish team. Well, about 2 years ago I was looking for expand a team from 2 artists to 5. I was searching and searching. I was looking for countries that were in the EU or going to be. I met a guy from Poland and we agreed he would come to Cyprus for a 2 years contract. After talking on the phone and emails, I decided to visit him in Poland. I went there and we met. And I knew he was talented and could be a team leader. While I was there he met me with friends from his School, they also were architects and had Max experience and one of them also agreed to sign on. We were so happy with the outcome, I though it would be nice for the team to be all from Poland. And from experience Polish artists are well trained in this field (architecture). Basically just overall talented. Not that other nationalities aren't. Just my experience.
I had a very welcoming time on my trip to Poland. I found the people to be friendly.

So can you tell us something about workflow in your company?

We have made workflow like a very well oiled machine. We use the pipeline method. Because of the amount of projects we do, it's the only way for the work to be consistent. We have 3 modelers, 2 artists on interiors, and 1 for lighting, animation, composing and overall control of the projects. I manage the priorities (scheduling) get feedback from customers and sales team. And basically sign off on all projects before they are presented. We find this way to be most successful.

Do you have any renderfarm ?

Yes, we have BOXX render nodes and workstations

Do you have any advices for people who want to start their own company ?

First and most important "love what you do". Keep your head down and work hard, be honest, And everything will fall into place!

What do you think about Evermotion and Evermotion's products?

Evermotion is a great place to meet other people industry and see what they are doing. Share Ideas and tips. As for Evermotion's of the line for any artist.

Thank you for interesting interview.


Progressive Technologies Ltd. site.

With regards.
Evermotion Team.
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