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"People are the most important asset"

Michał Franczak 2016-07-13 10:22 article  > Interview

A talk with with Konstantin Rozumny from RStyle Visual Communications Agency.

Today we will interview Konstantin Rozumny, founder of Visual Communication Agency "RStyle 3D". He will share with us his views on current and future trends in 3D architectural visualization.

Konstantin, what led you to pursue 3D modeling?

From the earliest days I can remember, I was very much into drawing. When it was time for higher education, without hesitation, I chose Architecture and then a career in that field. I remember 1993 well. That was the year I saw an opportunity to excel in 3D graphic. This was the time before "3ds max". I immersed myself in 3D modeling using "3D Studio 3.0". That experience helped me to concretize my future development and desire to form my Architectural agency.

What is the most important factor contributing to the realization of your goal?

I have always believed that human resources are the most important factor in creating a successful business. It is really not easy to gather a professional team who will share your views and desires. At this moment, my agency consists 10 CG artists and architects that are united not only by the high level of their professionalism but also by their desire for continuous development.


You mentioned that your team seeks continuous development. Please tell us what software do they prefer to use?

Of course, the main software used will be 3ds Max. But we have changed the rendering package. For over 10 years we used the V-Ray rendering package until we switched to Corona Render when it became available. I believe we were one of the earliest adopters to use Corona Renderer, version Alpha 5 on real projects in the summer of 2013.

Then, in October 2014, we visited a special event in Venice - SOA Academy Day # 5, where we met Adam Hotový and other interesting personalities. We brought home a USB Flash Drive with the Corona Render, version Alpha 7.1.

Today, we have, in our toolbox many programs and plugins that allow us to achieve a high level of reality in our 3d-visualizations. I will name just a few important ones that we use constantly. They are UV Layout and the plugins for 3ds max - MultiScatter, RailClone, Batzal Roof Designer. We also use Adobe products regularly such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects. All these programs and plugins are intuitive and have a user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, I can not say this for the ZBrush program. During our review of this program the tension in the office was like we were playing the Quest game. There were so many questions and no clear answers.

It will be interesting to know more about your projects. What kind of visualizations do you create? How many projects do you handle per month?

Unfortunately, while operating from Ukraine, I felt hampered by the political and economic situation to achieve my dream of accomplishing big impressive projects. I had to make a huge decision to move and base the company headquarters in the heart of a competitive environment.
I chose San Francisco, CA, USA to be close to the large number of high-tech companies operating in Silicon Valley.


Today, as we were when we began, the focus of the Agency is on creating architectural 3D-visualizations for commercial and residential buildings, offices, private villas and apartments. Most of our customers choose the full range of services provided by the Agency, requesting not only still 3d-visualizations of exteriors and interiors but also animated videos and 3D panoramas. Currently we complete 5 to 6 projects each month resulting in 30-40 still images.

One interesting observation - having operated in Ukraine for some time, we thought we needed to learn many things when we moved into the wider world. After being in the United States, I realized that there are not many companies who are ready to complete projects as quickly and efficiently as our Agency.

Unfortunately, most of our projects were produced for Property Marketing agencies and so can't be posted on the website because of NDAs. However, I look upon this as only a transitory phase on our way to become a well known and regarded brand in the US and around the world.


What about your plans for the future? Are there any trends in business that you would like to follow?

Now, more than ever, I am grateful for the opportunity not only to watch the emergence of fashion trends in the 3D industry, but also to take an active part in it.

We regularly visit virtual reality events. We have already purchased both the headsets from Oculus Rift and our favorite HTC Vive.
We are carefully watching this trend and learning as well as working on creating our first virtual tour.

I believe that 3D-visualizations of architectural projects can be really interactive, immersive and effective for potential clients.

I believe that new technologies of virtual reality will stimulate the world's imagination and will have a strong impact on effective marketing in general.

And the final question, what would you like to say to your fellow professionals?

Click on image to enlargePrivate_House_Gari_Camaisa_evermotion.jpg

Read tutorial: "Making of a Private House in California" by Rstyle Visual Communications Agency.


I would like them to be involved in interesting, creative and highly paid projects. Never fear to make decisions that may even radically change your life. Release that free spirit to pursue your dream.

Finally. I wish to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to every staff member of Evermotion and to the portal community in general. You all are doing a great job, giving and sharing with everyone your huge and valuable resources. The opportunity to share views, experiences, achievements, ideas, and to interact with fellow professionals and like-minded colleagues is priceless. Thank you!


Visit RStyle Visual Communication Agency:


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: interview rstyle
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Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark.


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mishukseo 05:50:06  |  18-07-2016
It is right that people are most important asset. I like the post & hope some more infuture.