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HDRI-Studio is a company that provides quite interesting solution for all cg artists, who believe in the power of HDRI maps. It offers a collection of high dynamic range environment images, that we are able to purchase separately.

Thanks to this we are choosing only those maps we really need right now. We just have to browse the gallery then go through to the order pages and make a selection of one or more files at whatever resolution is appropriate to the job. Of course we are able to check all maps using interactive previews.

All HDRI-Studio environment maps are produced in professional photographic studios using special high dynamic range imaging equipment. See the link for a full explanation. Thanks to this we get full professional lighting for our scene. It is a perfect solution especially for designers interested in industrial visualizations. Thanks to those maps they are able to render their models not only with correct and real GI light - they get effect of professional studio photos. All the other HDRI vendors, and free sources have landscapes, and some interior scenes. These work ok. They light the object, but they can also add sometimes quite the wrong message on top of the image. For example, a car in a studio set has a reflection of a kitchen or a forest clearly visible in the car paint and windows... Sometimes this is a dead giveaway to an otherwise cool image. Sometimes it totally blows the scale of the object making a car look like a toy shot with a wide angle. HDRI-Studio files are neutral in that they do not add any additional meaning on top of the image other than the mood implied by the lighting. So there is no geographic message, or cultural stuff added.

HDRI-Studio high dynamic range environment maps are available in three product groups under the general headings of:

Neutral - Lighting situations for general product renders ranging from strip soft box setups for tall glass bottles through to cubic tents - ideal for chrome or highly reflective objects. In addition to strip soft boxes, options for hexagonal and rectangular soft boxes are also available for even greater versatility;
Gels - Real lighting setups with a variety of colour gel combinations. Options for hexagonal and rectangular soft boxes add further possibilities to the highlight qualities;
Abstract - Versatile, high dynamic range images for creative reflection mapped environments.

What is very interesting, another one section of maps is in the pipeline and will be available soon - coming out well car studio lighting.

HDRI-Studio maps are full compatible with all major 3d applications like 3dsmax, Maya, LightWave, Softimage|XSI, Vue 5 Esprit, Cinema 4d or Blender along with many third party plug-ins. They come with 4 different resolutions (that make influence on the price):

Low (750 x 375) - For fastest rendering of images in situations where reflections are very blurred or nonexistent;
Med (1500 x 750) - Suitable for animation and other screen-based images;
High (3000 x 1500) - For high quality print at high resolution sizes;
Max (6000 x 3000) - For the ultimate quality print usage in brochures and magazines or when you need to focus in on a detail and need the reflection to remain crisp.

For more details regarding HDRI-Studio and its maps please visit official web site.

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