Artists demand to ban AI images on ArtStation

Michal Franczak 2022-12-14 12:09 article  > All

And they have multiple arguments for that.

Just in the last day new trend emerged on ArtStation - artists are posting "No to AI" image, demanding that site ban or at least, filter out images created with AI.

Many in the community argue that the use of AI undermines the creativity and skill of traditional artists.

In recent years, AI technology has advanced to the point where it can create highly realistic images without the need for human input. This has led to a growing trend of using AI in the creation of art, particularly in the digital art community.

However, many artists on Artstation argue that the use of AI robs them of the unique perspective and creativity that they bring to their work. They argue that using AI to create art is simply a way for people to bypass the skill and hard work that goes into creating art by hand. Some artists have even called for a ban on the use of AI in art, arguing that it detracts from the authenticity of the work and undermines the talent of traditional artists.

Despite the backlash from some members of the art community, the use of AI in art continues to grow. Some argue that AI can be used as a tool to enhance the work of traditional artists, rather than replace them entirely. What do you think?


Author: Michal Franczak Editor: Michał Franczak
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Jesusarq14:27:21  |  14-12-2022
This is just evolution, AI art is here to stay. So the smart way to deal with it is to learn about it and take advantage from it. In this technology world, new software and tools appear anytime. Try to ban this is the same that traditional artist trying to ban computers decades ago, no sense at all.
Sueños del Mar19:43:38  |  14-12-2022
I second your opinion Michael, and kudos for making this post and bringing it to the attention of the 3D community. We all see how impressive AI is and that the result of years worth of work and experience can be achieved with just a few lines of text nowadays. It is foreseeable where this technology will take us and only will become more and more powerful. Just as using someone else's work in an Art competition would be banned, I also believe that using someone's AI in 3D communities where people post their work should be banned. In no painting competitions, would it be permitted to shortcut and use Photoshop or any technologies to input an image and add a paintbrush filter so why effectively allow it in our field? Just because it is a new technology (and here in the 3D community we LOVE and embrace new technologies) it doesn't justify its use, and when it is posted alongside real people's works that they have spent a long time and effort perfecting it becomes unjust and draws the attention away from people's works. I think especially in this community it is an important point when this community has been founded on the hard work of people. As I mentioned it is not fair due to the technologies and unfair advantage it gives people who have not decided to dedicate their time and effort into the field and in many many situations in the world, we see where even the new technologies have been prohibited from entering into the competitions or even to be used at all, such as my Photoshop example, or even in some sports where certain materials have been banned as they give an unfair advantage. These norms and standards we uphold are representative of the community as well as the work and if we were to allow all new technologies without second thought, where would that put us? Should we allow Doctors to use Google in their exams just because the technology exists or should we ban it as it puts those who do at an unfair advantage and inhibits the community and authorities' ability to asses their knowledge, skill and professionalism? And finally what type of world and community would we forge if we didn't? - Rupert Suenos del Mar
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